Bright Ideas Never Die

Bright Ideas Never Die

R.I.P. Negativity

There is only room for positivity

Leading Positivity

This is where the stink think shall come to die. There is much negativity in this world and positive vibes appear to be in short supply. Think about your life and what your story is, are you creating a story for yourself while sharing something you love and running for leadership positions.

Let’s work towards a solution that yields positive results, even before it is a problem and let’s be proactive to the solution rather than merely reacting to crises.

Today is Earth Recognition Day and to that I recognize this as a call to action to stand up for what we stand on. I need 5 nominations by the end of the month. We need a leader who will come up with solutions to problems and who is willing to stand up to voice them. Nobody has all the answers, together, we can come up with responsible solutions together.

In recognition of Earth Day, you take your part to recognize your impact on our world. Every day you make choices that have far reaching consequences. From how commute to what we decide to eat and what messages we spread. You have more influence than you realize and together, we can influence others by being transparent and leading by example.

Plant yourself, and let’s grow together. ☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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