4/25 Website Wednesday

➕ Announcements! ➕

➕ Lonny and I are building up a brand known as “Hemp1re”

“Are you ready to build your Hemp1re?”

The logo is heading this post!

So plant yourself here, and let’s grow together!

🌐 Website Updates 🌐

  • Website had a huge overhaul again. I put the GPC Page as part of the Menu and called it Green Leadership.
  • Moved the ☕Cheers! and 🍀Shop under the Do Business tab.
  • Moved the information from the Do Business relating specifically to Valentus is now under the ☕Cheers! Page.
  • Updated the 🍀Shop page as well for functionality and revised format.
  • Seamless links to order pages
  • Do Business page was reformatted addressing the desire to start your own empire free of “Boss Mentality” as the emphasis is on becoming a sponsor to elevate you to build YOUR life with YOUR motivation!
  • Easier to navigate
  • Updated the photos and links on index page.
  • Moved the blirb from the Index page to the Connect page and replaced with 4NeonFun

💚 Green Leadership 💚

I still have 5 days to get the 5 nominations needed to become a representative.

If you or anyone you know is part of the Green Party and would like to have a representative for the Sturgeon Parkland riding, that would be wonderful as currently there is nobody to represent the riding.

We need positive individuals who are willing to stop complaining about the situation and instead, come up with solutions that will benefit all Canadians. We need someone who admits that they do not have all the answers but is willing to consult with others and take care in assessing on whether the proposed action was beneficial.

•There is weakness in solitude and strength in collective. ~4NeonFun•

🎂 Birthday Wishes 🎂

Today is a very special day as it is Lonny’s birthday today! Lonny and I have worked at Winners together nearly two years now as time really does fly, it does some crazy things to you. Lonny is also my HempWorx sponsor, she has been with Gold Canyon for nine years and is very good at telling stories and she inspires me. Besides getting older and wiser, you pause and think have I really been on this rock for that long? It also makes you think about what you have contributed and what you wish to accomplish within the next year.

☕Cheers! ~ 4NeonFun

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👋Hello, and welcome to my corner of the Internet! Here you will find a unique collection of stories and artistic expression. ⭐A system with a dark history and a bright future.🌟 We DID it!🎉 Certified Nursing Attendant & Administrative professional. Visit my website at www.4neonfun.xyz ☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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