5/3 Theme Thursday


I have not made any design changes this week on my website so there was nothing to post, however there are plans to embed my affiliate videos on the site. I should have this up on my Website shortly.


Capulus means Coffee in Latin. Here is this week’s theme!

I believe a good product has the capability to take an industry by storm. Imagine if companies listened to you and created quality products that are both safe and effective.

Could you believe that they have discovered the science to rapid weight loss? The “Weightloss Bomb” is in testing and poised to be released later this month. Imagine losing a pound a day and it both being safe and typical? Super exciting. They have not released this product yet, but when you see how the science works in it, it may cause you to rethink the way you lose weight.

Leaders have reported a decrease in their cravings. They reported increase in focus and a pound a day weightloss that is both healthy and near release so the added business volume that comes around from having such a fabulous product about to be released!

Think about the mere possibility that this new smart drink could be the product many of us have been searching tirelessly for. With the current health crisis and nobody really stepping up with any certainty any solutions for our obesity epidemic. Currently 2/3 people are either overweight or obese, and most do not wish to change their daily habits unless it is too late.

You are more than just another statistic. You are valuable and you have the ability to grow your skills and potential. Why not take charge? This time, there is not much that you really have to do except for use the products. You can grow yourself to the point that you can live the way that you dream that you would. Elevate your health to the point that you get to reap the benefits that it gives you. Think about the way you would feel and how you would be if you were in optimal health? Order Now

Why wait for an emergency, time is precious. Why waste any more time being unhappy with your body and situation when there are options presented in front of you that may dramatically change your life. Lead the wave to bring real world solutions to our obesity epidemic. You owe it to yourself to write your own story, why not start now? Business Oportunity

Build a business that places your health and wellness as priorities. Prevention is key and taking action now will help make a huge difference between living centered on abundance instead of scarcity and blazing a new trail instead of slowly lagging behind. Let’s work towards a healthy community together while boosting your health and inspire others to take action! ☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

Theme Thursday

☕Cheers! & Keep it 💯 ~Amy Molnar, 4NeonFun

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