5/9 Website Wednesday

Website Wednesday

Updates and you can view it here

☕ You now see a page with two boxes to choose which shop / become an affiliate with me

☕ Video on my Do Business page. Ask yourself if you want to take steps towards improving your or family life

☕ Connect by sending direct Emails for questions and concerns

☕ Coming soon: Arrange a three way call directly from my website

☕ Improved the drop down submenu and the links on Do Business

☕ Better links pointing towards the two affiliate links! Just say 4NeonFun in the box when you get there!

☕ New product releases! Stay tuned for more on the text list or following the calendar, and taking a tour of each!

Story Time

Well this is not exactly the happiest chapter of the story because last night as I get home from work I get news of my grandmother from my father’s side passing away. Here goes, but one must stay strong and go say the final goodbyes. Taking a little time for my own sake. I still gotta say ☕Cheers!

Though the show must go on, but first, coffee ~4NeonFun


Author: 4neonfun

👋Hello, and welcome to my corner of the Internet! Here you will find a unique collection of stories and artistic expression. ⭐A system with a dark history and a bright future.🌟 We DID it!🎉 Certified Nursing Attendant & Administrative professional. Visit my website at www.4neonfun.xyz ☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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