5/24 Theme Thursday

From Wallflower to Superstar

Here is my journey… To which I can entertain some installments to my website like increasing the brightness of my user handle 4NeonFun.

4NeonFun Welcomes You
A step in the evolution of my 4NeonFun site! Visit my website at http://www.4neonfun.xyz

Basically Bananas

So yesterday Kendall and I attended a basic bananas marketing workshop. It was at Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton, on the top floor. Their most popular program they offer, clever bunch offered a year for the tuition that I could use toward getting my ND in Finland or a nice vehicle, to upgrading my own living conditions. I got in the workshop for like $5. Sometimes learning to market can cost you a whole lot.

Basically, more than half of all people have less than $1000 saved up. It does not seem that simply trading time for money is not that effective especially if you only work part time on a pretty minimal salary. Most businesses cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a startup of a traditional business. You then must worry about getting commercial space and to then sink more into inventory.

Practical Alternative

I would like to say that I work part time to earn a living, getting an education to upgrade my living, then become affiliated with products and systems that I am passionate about to support my living.

My Daily Choice

I love that My Daily Choice has a few options of products to promote your daily life. You can get cash back on travel, and get rewarded for booking anything related to traveling. My Daily Choice offers Hempworx to U.S. Distributors in large product orders. Perfect for stocking large quantities or tradeshows or other shops. My Daily Choice also offers a range of nutritional sprays to help improve your health and wellness. Simple and effective and you get rewarded for sharing and using the products. You also get training and support to become successful at your very own home based business.


Valentus is Latin for “prevail” or to be superior in strength. Valentus has just released the SlimROAST Optimum to the public and the results are amazing! So easy to share when people are saying this:

Ok team.
This SlimROAST Optimum Coffee is the real deal. It tastes as good as it works. Absolutely no cravings, no appetite.
I am down 20lbs now. Less than 3 weeks.
It is available in a tub that contains 30 servings for the same price as the other products.
I know it’s been a long wait, and for some of yous, you stopped seeing results, me included.
That being said, I have been able to maintain while staying healthy.
A bit of a lifestyle change makes a huge difference.
Due to my knee injury I have not been able to workout & run like I was doing a year ago. But was still able to maintain my weight loss. With the exception of 15-20 lbs, but that might have had something to do with Guinness & Captain Morgan & stuffing pillows.

-Erle Deschene, Emerald Leader

Valentus has a range of premium functional beverages and sprays to assist you on your health goals. Valentus is also dedicated to distributors and built by distributors, with 7 ways to be rewarded for your efforts. Want effective products and the ability to build your own dreams? 4NeonFun is looking for likeminded people who want to build towards a healthier future for all. Take a tour or watch this short video!

Many people struggle with daydreaming during a presentation and most struggle with presenting in front of people. Dittotouch offers an interactive way to present in front of any audience. You can directly send it to individuals via email or text, share presentations on social media or post on your own website. Dittotouch can be used for multiple businesses that you may have and easy integration and all updates and future releases and installments are included in the lifetime package. For a limited time you can unlock this powerful presentation use to capture and convert prospects for $99 for a lifetime membership. View what you wish to view and customize your experience and be directly linked to order! Get innovative tools to help you become a leader in the industry! ☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

Google Chrome Themes

⬇ Crown Ambassador ⬇

Crown Ambassador Google Chrome Theme

⬇ Optimum ⬇

Optimum Google Chrome Theme

Stay tuned to listen to the latest news on Valentus! Follow this blog for more exclusive content and updates on more Themes to improve your Google Chrome browsing experience. I am excited to hear the coming news with both My Daily Choice and Valentus!

🌱🍀💚 Plant yourself and let’s grow together! 💚🍀🌱

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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