6/3 Sum Sunday

Refresh, Renew, Reset, Reward!

Well Played Anxiety Messing With MY Minglity

I know, ‘minglity’ is not really a word but it is the title of my new Google Chrome Theme! I intended for the word to mean ‘ability to mingle’ and I have briefly described it and how you can base your business off talking to people and creating relationships.

Minglity Google Chrome Theme
Download Minglity by clicking on this picture and “Apply Theme” on ThemeBeta

As you may know, I do affiliate Valentus and My Daily Choice. The premise is simple enough, though not easy, especially where out of nowhere you get tongue tied and lose posture when discussing what you do and the appeal to a new prospect. I give props to both Erle Deschene and Lonita Dill for putting up with me and my shortcomings. Through personal development these will be worked on and straightened out, but in the next 90 days I wish to bust this anxiety and actually be on the runway to success rather than simply spinning in circles because you either don’t have the proper equipment or knowledge. I do not claim to be an expert, though I was a huge science nerd in school and it does fuel my passion of entering the healthcare field in efforts to combat our health crises. I was told that if you can fog a mirror, you can do this business, I tend to overthink too much, and feel spaced out at times, pretty certain one would fail to fog a mirror in space because the conditions are not correct, but the task could be done with ease when the conditions are met.

Valentus, you can do so much more for your health with the healthiest beverages. Take your fitness goals to the next level with coffee, or fruit punches that can be served hot or cold. Erle has been with Valentus since the first day it has come to Canada and people are blown away to see his results HERE!

My Daily Choice has HempWorx, which was the reason why I signed up initially. I had my sponsor picked out, with over 9 years of doing Gold Canyon and various other MLM companies, Lonita can certainly talk to people and be a positive influence towards conquering my anxiety of engaging in business conversations with all types of people. I signed under @Lonita Dill and it was only about a month that they took off HempWorx off the Canadian market temporarily. Huge push for its return is effective and news has it that Canadians will be able to order our safe, effective and sustainable CBD products again. Most of my focus was on Valentus as in the span of a quarter, it is announced that we will have three product releases, and individual Dittotouch Presentations and websites to share. Hard not to be excited over these new changes!

I have not given up on MDC though I had to do some studying up on their sprays and travel plans. I know that in any case, these sprays are convienient and so much better than drug store supplements. I noticed anxiolitic effects with the Brain Spray, which is a huge bonus and at 5000% of your B12 and an array of other nutrients, critics of plant based diets can finally lay off the argument forever.

Who doesn’t love to travel? My Daily Choice has CashBack Travel! You can definitely view it by clicking on it and under info cashback travel. Get rewarded every time you book a flight, hotel or rent vehicles or incur other travel expenses. Plant yourself here and let’s grow your daily income with My Daily Choice!

I have talked to various places like Carvel Hall about getting a booth at their farmers market, and I have plans to attend events like these, set up tables with sponsors to act as a catalyst to the business. I know i am connected to a network and I can definitely look up to them and utilize the tools and experience to grow my own.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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