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The tradgety of a life cloaked in mystery, memories and alias.

Severed Relationships

In times like today I have no idea what I even want to do anymore, times are tough and they say time is running out. Has some merit though, after I have got the news that a friend passed away the whole conversation went south. Despite the last few months of no contact, which was only a drop in the ocean compared to the rest of the time spent. Jessie is resting easy now, but if this shit about him ensues, cannot be said for those responsible. Others may never see it, however he was one of the first I told after my very own attempt… I told nobody about it as they would likely want to send me off. Though to be completely honest, I would rather be six underground than live out my life in a psyche ward. I already have trust issues, due to past events that either made my situation worse, or just distracted from the real problems. I simply did not want to be the rope in my parents failing relationship’s tug of war. I know what it is to physically stress myself sick, as it seems to be the cool party trick.

With all the money I saved from not eating or lack of appetite, I was able to offset the added costs from the latest fuel price hike. Honest to goodness, we would all be better off when we can diversify our fuel sources. Make it a basic human right and cost next to nothing to implement and be sustainable and practical regardless of location. It may seem crazy that I even mention this, however in all honesty our current system fails the people while industry thrive. It is time to actually discuss quality of life, as it is not really worth it when it sets you up for failure or siphons your resources for someone elses betterment.

Though there was someone else involved. Claims to be a real man, but real men do not throw temper tantrums and disrespect others. Real men aren’t the boys who compare gear and then begin to act cocky or lie about why their relationship really failed. Real men don’t have to tell the world that they are real; others can see it in his actions. The argument fell like a house of cards.

I was almost more mad that I lost precious sleep over the ordeal. In the end, he blocked me which was hilarious as his empty threats and insults were ineffective. It stated more on the type of person who throws the shade than to who recieves it. Besides, nobody wants to be around someone who is negative or outright rude or is butthurt because someone said no or not right now. Yes, understood that rejection is tough for anyone to deal with. Dealing with rejection is a daily experience with my business, but that is alright if you are not interested, we are looking for those that are. Besides, being high is much better than stooping low so plant yourself here, and let’s grow together!

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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