6/10 Sum Sunday

Week In Review

Well, it has been another crazy week. When it was not a heat wave, it was raining, and though it rained on the parade, it did not rain on our PRIDE attitude! I have built up some more hours at work and going the distance they say.. Well, supposedly to keep my mind distracted from negativity… Well, sadness is an interesting emotion, often hidden because it is not convenient or you don’t want pity or the attention. Though it can fester behind a smile or a stoic face, and then later cause some bout of unexplainable low mood. It is funny, how we wear masks and fear tears more than many other questions that people asks. I have created a couple more product pages added to my website! You can view them under Do Business.

🎶 Perfect Harmony 🎶

I have much to deal with however, I would like to say that Bryan Adams in Rogers Place. The event was amazing, though the journey there was interesting as we carpooled over, enjoyed double discount at work, picked up a few things then drove down and parked at “Mole Hole 2.0” and walked over to ride the bus to University then over downtown, then walked down the road. T’was pretty good and we made it there in good time. The one thing was is that Kendall did not realize he has had something on his keychain they did not like and we had to leave it behind. Though we did pick up some souvineers while there. I had a beer shower from a lady taking a tumble, but it was not too bad, and she was alright. The stairs are steep, the place is relatively dark and not much in the way for grips on the concrete. Curious actually how many people slip on the stairs. I went back up where she was to turn back a couple items she had lost during her fall. The return trip was interesting, we just LRT’d it back to university and walked down Whyte, went to Dorinku for appys and a drink, enjoyed the night, wamdered around and slowly went back to the house, picked up van and went home.

Turn Away

I would have loved to go to my cousins grad yesterday but I had to work.. Kevin, the bad roommate has stuck around and not going with my mother as originally promised, she had to essentially lie about him as she did not wish to say to everyone that he would rather ditch to get drunken, and rockstar our garage. He ignored the calls from mom even though he is answered despite wanting to ignore that completely. I just have to keep going despite these mood swings, still must stay pure and focused. I must reverse the scatterbrain attributes however, it limits me but it is when times get stressful that I become forgetful. Perhaps I can gloss over it to forget the negativity and skate over it.. I have to some point released the tension but maintaining composure can prove difficult.. Though I did try to swap, but I could not get the time off.. Yet I feel as I disrespecting the whole thing, by not going but Kevin overtly disrespects and creates a scene and argues his way out despite us supporting him in the past.

For now, I am just going to have to continue to grow so I rise above all of this. I walked away, and quite frankly was too exhausted to do anything. Essentially, I passed out almost as soon as I lay in bed and closed my eyes. It could be my anxiety suppressing my hunger and other desires, that could be contributing to the recession towards depression. Though, I recall a time where happiness was simply out of reach and reveled as a distant fantasy. Plant yourself here and let’s grow together. Take that effort to….

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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