6/13 Website Wednesday

4NeonFun Welcomes YOU...
You’re here ’cause I captured your eye but you stay ’cause I captured your heart.

Your Domain

Sure, there are tips and tricks of having an effective web page, but there are plenty of ways to make your page effective. Who am I to dictate what type of content that you place up there? Does it represent you or explain yourself or what you do or if you have products for sale. Effective marketers have domains to act as a funnel from their affiliate page, or they have replicated the key elements of their affiliate page.

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Sharing is Caring

Get the best hosting for less than the competition. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn with Hostinger for free and earn 100% commission. I am using the premium hosting plan that I have got for 90% off during the Spring Sale!

Need a domain or hosting plan?

Domains and web hosting go hand in hand and they serve two unique but integral roles. A top level domain is any word or series of words with no periods other than the .extension, (4neonfun.xyz). Subdomains are akin to users or individual files and can be indicated based on periods between entries (4neonfun.Wordpress.com). Your domain is your very own section of the internet to which you can import your own, code, or use the Zyro web designer To build your very own website. Domain names provides an address while your web hosting plan serves as a storage and a vehicle to back up and recieve content from. You can also get your domain and hosting from different providers, but this can be more expensive or tedious.

Why XYZ?

XYZ domains are like the new kid on the block when it comes to top level domain extensions. The xyz extension stands for examine your zipper and it was a polite way of saying your fly is undone, or as a tongue and cheek reaction to when someone says that your shoes are untied (regardless if they lace up). Released in 2014 to end a bidding war over the ABC domain name, Google says that it only makes sense to end domain names the same way we end the English alphabet and the .xyz domain was born. You can have your name for $1 US (use domain checker) or that it would be easier to find a name that is not already taken. My reasoning expanded into more dier mensions and in math we label our axis with xyz to symbolize direction and dimension and I wish to tackle all dimensions of health rather than a singular cause. I also do not wish to sound too commercial either, I know that this human aspect attracts many more and are likely to create lasting connections. Any other top level domain extension in my situation would not have the dimensional feel in this new and growing extension. Your reasoning for choosing any extension is up to you, and perhaps recommended if there is either a sale or if your chosen name was already taken.


  • Green Leadership was moved to You Matter on the top menu
  • Product pages in the works
  • New themes on themebeta #4neonfun
  • More information about products
  • glitch in system slowing down rebuilding areas
  • ☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun
Plant yourself here 🌱 and let’s grow together!

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