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Canada Day!

Okay, this header photo may be a bit cheeky to a few but it is so fitting and I would feel it would be wrong to not include it so here it is! The photo would have been all the more fitting too if cannabis was fully legalized here instead of pushed to October 17 this year, eh!

Steps Towards Freedom

You cannot spell Canada without ‘can’ and we can hold our cool when the heat is on! In celebration of Canada 151, there will be several fireworks shows slotted in the itinerary to make a pyro combust. It is definitely an interesting time shift, we are bouncing back from a depression and we are paving a trail!

To me, it is a step towards our freedom, our future. The plant that was thrown under the bus and the wrongfully accused gateway to being a junkie. To me, the education failed to address that in reality, it can be an effective medicine and I held a prescription to help manage my fibromyalgia. Funny thing is that applying fear tactics for something that really was pale in comparison to other crisis we may have going on.

Funny thing is they say drugs make a deadbeat of you. I say, from observation of trends and personal experience can say there is much more going on. The war on drugs was really a war on freedom, for much of those who were charged for possession were otherwise decent individuals. Thinking about it, in DARE back in school, they were so black and white about the issue. I found there were holes in their anti drug mantra, it fell down like a house of cards when they could not answer the questions that were presented that illuminated some of the pitfalls of it. I had the ability to say ‘I can do that’ because of the relief that it brings, turns out it has something else in common with the spelling of our great nation: the word “can”

Education is very important to me, however there are materials that should be taught and others one should merely hand the tools in order to solve the question. Dare I say, this drug awareness campaign is overwhelming ineffective. I believe addressing some of the reasons that people would risk their own livelihoods for the next hit is the more glaring issue that must be addressed. Most have encountered drugs and have benefits from them, those aquired a script from the physician would agree, yet many of these same drugs wind up on the streets. Street drugs could be laced, but are typically done out of desperation of getting that hit to escape reality. When you get down to that point where you have lost all of your former comfort or perhaps from a broken family in which none of the comfort was ever known. With this system, punishment these victims does conduct towards a civilized society. Measures are backwards and is in many cases much worse than even the worst possible scenarios caused by the drugs themselves. We can pull ourselves out of it and create opportunities and enrich others in everything they do. We are a diverse nation and coming together will make us all stronger!

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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