7/13 Fortune Friday

You’re here ’cause I captured your eye but you stay ’cause I have your heart.

Experiment of the Mind

It is said that over 90% of the way you feel is based of your mental state. In good health, the mind can reason well and does not have to compromise what it wants. When you are at ease and mind is well, you can recover in times that an unhealthy mind will only make worse. To this, a coworker a close friend who happens to simultaneously is very scientific minded and one who also is compassionate. To which my words are that I am the petri dish of his experiment. He used terms of isolation as part of the hypothetical situation, one where you are in an area free of distractions and other stimuli. Much of the time I am overstimulated and in the past I have essentially isolated myself in solitude. Minutes turned into hours as they turned into days, to which during that time, desires tend to dull and functions slow. Perhaps the time acted as a system reset; instead of having occupied by useless trains of thoughts that invite worry, the mind focused itself on more positive means of entertainment. At times when my perception of self fades, and I feel less of me and more of someone else. In allowing the mind to calm it perception, one can allow for more lucidity in ones actions.

Contemplay Chrome Theme
Another way to entertain the mind and test some of its unusual abilities.

So enjoy this theme, and visit me at my website for more content and to visit the online store! Entertain yourself creatively and leave your own mark on this world. One can rely on the comfort of the past or find newer ways to manage other aspects of life. Maintaining healthy brain chemistry is no easy task however, it is a valuable undertaking in unlocking the full capacity of your health.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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