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Okay… Not really to my site but I will take you somewhere else… Brazeau Dam…

Just out the right edge of the lake is a dam which has highway 620, a narrow two way road with no shoulders, and a sharp rocky decline to the lake. The levels were nearing the top portion and at this point exceeds 400 feet deep. At most times, there are more beaches and beach access to the camp from the day use area. You can see It was very high when we went, according to increasingly lighter shades of rock in a row as indicators.

The closest to it is lodgepole, and the terrain is highway stretches with logging truck access points. For the most part, the road is relatively lightly traveled but those who go along would set a nice pace for anyone getting from one spot to another in a surprisingly short amount of time. Exception being the dam that you really do not want to go faster than posted across the bridge as you really do not have much room and it becomes a one way if there are trucks on it. So, seeing that there appears to be a lot of trucks in the area that could be crossing, that would be interesting to see if there is ever bottleneck if all these trucks are out and want to cross at the same time….


Speaking of engineering, I give a shout out to Gordon Molnar of Pillar Systems. My mind would totally be blown if that massive interchange under construction was the one he designed and got an award for in 2010. Some really do not care about infrastructure but I think it is an important PILLAR to the success of our economy. Yes, they say better and bigger roads stimulate traffic, but effective overall design should accommodate this given that this increase in growth can stimulate revenue streams by allowing trade by effective means of moving from point A to point B. This applies more than the daily commute or simply for errands, nope this can also be a means for businesses to do service with you, by means of effective delivery systems, public services, emergency services, mass public transit (works well in condensed areas with people going in the same general direction) and really as an extension to our own rights for mobility by providing these means for its people.

I have read about some future plans for the Yellowhead Highway. Being it is part of the CANAMEX trade corridor, and trucks nearing 20% of its traffic it needs to be able to accommodate the very high expected amount of traffic that would be using these roads to engage in in the expected travel to come. Think of it this way, if we invest in things we can all use, and share what we can use together, we will all benefit.


I did what my dad did… Design an interchange… Well sort of, the idea is there but he is an engineer with several years of civil engineering and a small business that specializes in that, asset management and designing many other forms of infrastructure. He would follow through with everything, whereas I merely sketched a few ideas using no CAD or anything like that. Details would be finer, and would not have any roads drawn in error, and have all other details like capacity, cost and lifespan in mind. You have to start somewhere, so here goes…

Well this idea will go as far as you fuel it. You fuel an idea daily it becomes a passion. I thought how far I could go with designing and well as far as hand drawing it goes, not ideal, but I would like a unit that could handle the 3D graphics that I really wanted to do on this. I had a pen, paper, and an imagination.. really…

Stony Plain Road & Yellowhead twin highway systems junction with Range Road 20, Crystal Road and a Township Road
Stony Plain Road • Yellowhead Highway & Range Road 20
Section Design - between 16A & 16
Close up of between the two twin highway design

You are probably going to hate me for this… But here goes, roundabouts make traffic go round and allow complete access to all the roads in a relatively freeflowing matter on the crossroad. Elimination of contact points are another bonus in the modern roundabout with truck skirts to allow truck access.

South Roundabout

Closeup of the roundabout on the South side of the dual interchange
Connects Highway 16A (Stony Plain Road) to Range Road 20 (the crossroad) and Crystal Road

North Roundabout

North Roundabout • Yellowhead North access • RR 20 • Crystal Road • Township Road
Connects the exits from Yellowhead and connects on larger roundabout access points to township road • Crystal Road on RR 20

Most seem to lack the third thing I listed in the last phrase but I would have to say that generally, society has lost much of its ability for outward thinking and simply work with what works because it is the tried and tested method that carries the best results at the lowest risk. Using best methods are, without argument the best thing to do at any given time in some cases, but there are some cases that one must get creative to solve the current issue, while preventing the side effects that would make a method unacceptable. In this case, the hatred towards circular intersections. The modern roundabout is much safer, does not require you to stop, and allows for complete access, including U-turns. They are also relatively cost and fuel effective while still allowing large capacity.


Driven Crome Theme
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☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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