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Well Wednesday

You shown up, and really now I was off on a different tune altogether. I started to plan out that diamond camper and schemed out materials to go inside that camper. I have the proposal that if I work with that camper and make it mine. Then, well here goes..

My Front Yard

My front yard... Parking lot
My front yard… Parking lot


Okay, yes there is a lot to explain here and well, they say I own the most coveted type of vehicle out there… *drumroll* … A minivan… Wait, well it has put up with me in it on the road, then well heh, good enough. Mom bought the Shasta and the Diamond campers recently and they are renovating theirs (front), while the diamond (beside) is a smaller and older camper that needs much more work. For many years, it was used to pull our tent trailer (back) all over the place, most of which was down Saskatchewan roads.

The grid roads were fun, especially during rain when the mud would cover the bottom half of our truck and trailer after a trek through them. Compared to those roads which were more mud buggy trails compared to those in Alberta or even Saskatchewan in newly constructed regions. Do not get me wrong, traveling through Saskatoon and Circle Drive to go out East will be much easier after the projects are completed.

Yet I still have a ways to go to getting these little projects done. I had been fighting another one of those depression spells again, sleeping or otherwise just laying in bed. I really have been in pain as well and everything in my back especially just ceases… I feel limited in movement at times and it is just chronically there. I also have a layer of muscle in my body that always just hurts regardless, but I do go to the chiropractor and then you get to sound like a bowl of cereal. I usually make noises when I move, especially if I was still for a period of time. But yet I have some things to share about other things that help solve some problems. You can go to my website by clicking…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

Well thanks for stopping by!

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