8/14 Tunesday

Amy Molnar - Freeways - Roadway design
Well life drove me crazy but I did feel a moment where it was calm so I tuned into a moment of peace…

Tune Tuesday

Just a reminder to all those involved with or would like to improve your health by tuning into My Daily Choice or Valentus calls (check the call sites to check the number and time for your location)

Just Explain the Picture

Well, I turned a fun game into a challenge. In a very basic drawing no undo only reset interchange type deals…. Well shout out to my father, a real engineer, Gordon Molnar, who actually does this as part of his career, Pillar Systems. Note its similarities to another drafted interchange, the Pinavia, this one can follow the right only exits if the road alignment and the placement of ramps permit (this one proved difficult) was actually an extrapolated roundabout of semidirectional T type interchange. This adds another bonus that the Pinavia features: usable center area!

Drawing in this app is awkward at times and just straight up annoying at worst. The robot cars in the simulation can malfunction leading to a reduction of efficiency at best, or a jam at its worst. Considering this, having this score on this type of junction is not too bad (I know there is the possibility of moving the ramps for a better functioning design) or maybe you could travel free flow in all directions at a junction between 3 highways freeflow at an average of 84km/h off a ramp onto the next during rush hour and still think that is not good enough… I can Definitely tell why engineering is a stressful job in this regard!

Optimum Ads?

Well have I drove you crazy yet or are you in denial about your sanity? Lately I have been noticing ads up on various website about Valentus and let me tell you something…

It allows you to launch yourself in a group of people and build quick, but the thing is is that it is never any actual team building below that as many were signed up, got discouraged after a few months and then leave to go do the next thing to start yet another vicious cycle.

Valentus works, and they have duplicatable results and as an array of tasty beverages (including coffee) weight management has never tasted so good. Imagine drinking coffee, a cocoa or a pina colada in addition to leading a healthy life, managing your health has never been simpler with the right tools, guidance and confidence to succeed. You see the top of the leaderboad with several new enrollees spending countless dollars on pushing yourself out there. We know it is to the generic page with a motive to build shallow but wide instead of deep to benefit those involved. Rather than some blue diamond who already has so much going on and will never come even to remember your name or even why you even joined Valentus.

Valentus is much more than a revolving door. In short, we are a family. One who wishes to build all those who wish to live the dreams and provide the means to succeed, rather than simply take your commission and fly off without you. Meanwhile I am simply another emerald out here who wants to build a personal connection and actually want you to succeed, welcome home. We are more than simply a stop, we are a journey, and you are not in it alone.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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