8/23 Theme Thursday

Decode 1.8 - one shoulder asymetrical small mesh cutout cobalt blue dress
What?! You got that Decode 1.8 dress for $4?! Well if my math checks out after tax it was 4.20?!

Final Clearance Numbers

Well at work we clear our clearance sections twice annually to quickly clear space for new stock. Right now our warehouse is packed and we must get it out as fast as one possibly goes while at work. You are here to do something well became a little thing that brought great joy to working these sections. Firstly, we deal with large numbers of items, many get purchased, then some get marked down and then it seems alright, but there are some to which keep getting marked down for some varied reason from sheer cost of item to the practicality to fabrics facing tears or other signs of damage or even just fit a very narrow range of people in addition to being a style in which few would confidently rock the look in the first place.

Outfit Of The Day - Tuesday1 State bodysuit (cotton blend) with Zara striped skirt (Made of Cupro) for $1.68 (oh yeah, after tax)

I kinda watch deals in my store and then watch as items get sold on a daily basis. It just a perk of having to check items as you sort them into place. You sorta place a bet, if someone else thinks its a great deal, then they scoop up that item and have it instead of you but if you know just at the last moment, and it is still there, then you just scored a markdown stack. I have the tenacity to buy out sections of this store, especially that last minute one on Saturday or Sunday if you never made that. I would fill a shopping cart heaping with a variety of items and spend $50. I would get clothes, shoes, accessories, light fixtures, and other misc items like makeup, art, mirrors, tech or even stationary items. I have a mason jar filled and in all honesty it is all a heaping mess I need a bigger pickle jar at this point. I keep seeing things I like at this time and I kinda just get it.

Convention? Wear or noShall this be convention dress?

Okay and I have this pantsuit (but unfortunately no really good photos to do the color justice on this pantsuit, but it is a deal I could not resist and it was funny that I saw a lady buy the same item for $10 that I spent a fraction on (final clearance policy is whack)

Still, among the closest to wearing a onesie to work. Feels like a blouse and loose but flattering shape and color and frilled legs make it a unique and loveable addition and possible goto for nearly any occasion.

Say What?!

Ever see silly numbers of stickers on an item and thought, “wow, that was marked down quite a bit” but there shall always be a reason. Usually it has a sort of a flaw, however minor but it affects how others may view that piece of merchandize and dicern from simply trash… From those, there are projects or simply gifts for others. In my case, it is my way of extending the value of the dollar to a point where “I’m so rich, everything’s free” from Metric “Dark Saturday” . lots is happening, including convention. A place to grow to interact and to take advantage of. Especially to those who live near Vancouver! So stay tuned and keep updated on all that lies within…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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