8/31 Functional Friday

Function Friday

During the week, I have had a few things to update:

  • I have a phone now that is hooked up and connected. Please indicate your desire to connect with me directly.
  • My father, Gordon Molnar is the president of the Spruce Grove/Stony Plain UCP invited us to a fundraising event in the Stony Plain Pavilion Thursday August 30
  • Jason Kenney presented himself in front of everyone as main speaker
  • We are getting closer to Vancouver Convention
  • Tickets to convention are still available! Please connect with me to learn more
  • I have been offered an “In” to another networking company so please feel free to contact me directly for more
  • Lonita, my Sponsor for My Daily Choice is moving to Kelowna, B.C.

You know you learn well when the best is teaching you. You may even ask yourself, if I was learning… What makes a teacher great? Well, it is more than what meets the eye. Think of it this way, if you position yourself where you wish to learn, you have a desire to go learn more on that subject. A poor teacher can teach only as well as they let the pupils in on how little you really care. A great teacher teaches the mean to bring passion from a dry subject as a careless one dries it out. Anyone know what that is like can certainly relate, but it takes someone exceptional to point out the mediocrity in the system. From where does the confidence and posture come from? Duplication, and you bring out the best in your organization.

By means, plans that met the highest standard goes back to drawing board. What about other practices that do not even meet these standards? One thing that comes to mind is how short-sighted that is when much lower is the status quo. I believe much more should be done about improving the quality of the one in place read of spending countless dollars on imaginary situations. Time to bring passion back in front of everyone, stimulate the area with a fresh sense of renewal. Close and personal rather than far and detached. Time to close the gap between abstract and reality and let’s bring common sense back to Alberta. Let’s promote ideas that work and modify regions where it is lacking. Let’s do this, let’s bring back the Alberta Advantage and lead by example!

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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Author: 4neonfun

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