10/17 Website Wednesday

Website Wednesday!

That moment you are rocking in your crib for your four year anniversary of getting drivers licence hehehehe but not that anyone really celebrates the anniversary, but it is funny that it landed on the same day you can do cannabis in Canada! Hopes are high here in business and that Valentus is releasing a CBD spray, so don’t blow this joint! What a phony they say, you make yourself sound like you sell wolf skins, and I do not need your snake oil treatment! No you weirdos I’m going to tell you though that you want to hear about this awesome coffee that does not even need a coffee maker to make! I’m #allin in and you will be too this when you visit Valentus Calls Page to listen in to the calls and connect with me as we are not done yet! Next step you order this coffee, and follow the instructions and start getting results, then gotta share the optimum way to cut the wait on your weight. Don’t forget that 4NeonFun told you about it.

Seriously some think this is coffee sold with science petri modified “ingredients” added to this coffee. Well, it is 💯% natural, organic and real bean! You don’t know man what part of coffee do you not understand?! you probably drink it every day and most of you cannot live life without it, so why not have the optimum cup?

Say now what makes your coffee so different? Well firstly it is coffee, get that straight, there are no fillers or flavorings. Oh and whether your stance on genetically modified ingredients well we have none here. Now the basic facts here and before you go off hating this coffee because its basic. What does your coffee do for you? Wake you up and ease the mourning in the morning, well this coffee does so much more including giving you the opportunity to earn some extra cash!

I have question! What is the normal blood pH anyways? Well it is 7.4 so yes, we are all a little basic so while most java metabolizes to acid. Not good, instead this coffee alkalizes your body! Do it first thing you wake up seriously, drink a glass of water then your coffee then follow with more water. The coffee does not need a ton of sweetnener it tastes great by itself, but add a bit of stevia or other natural sweetener and non-dairy creamer if you want! Or as a tasty vanilla creamer, use our keto creamer to any coffee, and enjoy! Plus this coffee needs no coffee maker, gadgets, special fixins (optional to bring out the barista in all of us). Visit our shop and have this coffee delivered right to your door! Make that cup anywhere hot with almost boiling water or nICE on the rocks! Oh and you want your muscles to rock too this coffee is amino powered to nourish your body and make you ripped! This neurotrophic coffee resets the crazings that are the cravings so you can actually cut them! Take that!

What else? You could say YES to the coffee and it is awesome and cannot wait to see you Oh NO I cannot mention the benefits of vasodilation, especially all yous with the circulation problems so let’s get this coffee in your blood and you get better results! Things to say NO to!

  • Say NO to hypoxia
  • Say NO to fatigue
  • Say NO to hypertension
  • Say NO to inflammation
  • Say NO to hyperlipidemia
  • Say NO to malaise
  • Say NO to cellular waste
  • Say NO to free radicals
  • Say NO to brain fog
  • Say NO to delayed healing
  • Say NO to aggravated RBC’s

Say NO to so much more by saying

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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