10/24 Website Wednesday

Website Wednesday

When you wake up to your Ex saying “I think I need to talk” and you just look at it like …and?… Time to bake one and roll back on over to bed. Heh, when you only get one message since asking “Are you capable of listening without judging?” To which I responded “I am listening.” But my underlying thought was “Are you capable of getting me to read your message and say I am fresh out of f#cks to give here?”As for judgment, well that is tentative and when it comes to him… “In your case proves to be a challenge but it still boils down to the fact that both of us decided to stop caring. I do not care that you speak in riddles and are incredibly two faced yourself despite point the trait in myself and you keep asking me the same questions I have been asking myself.” I no longer care about it. The freedom it has given me a surge of euphoria!

Been since Thursday and he was angry at me claiming it was the first time it was actually directly at me. I simply do not care, his anger in his message used to influence a reaction but it seems like in that sense it was stimulated so much it just doesn’t anymore. Sensory adapting was certainly making his message to grab my stuff as inflicting a positive reaction inside myself rather than a state of depression.

Supposedly I am in for a storm… It is accurate, however I am the eye of the storm and I feel an overwhelming sense of calm and collection in this point and forcasting say a storm of euphoria followed by sunshine and clear skies. The worst was behind in handling it as the storm of depression to cause a change, know when to stop and where you need to keep things going! I have really good friends close to and they are all getting coffee on the house! Let’s just say I am your coffee dealer!

Taking Care of Business

I really needed to get down to it but I really gotta get on with the show! This show must go on and this is where I will be this Saturday!

Featuring the Valentus 6 Day Experience where you get to try 6 days worth of our Optimum coffee for $20! I also have my premium soft touch business cards on order to better showcase our business! Wake up and smell the coffee and you are in business.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

Howl Expo

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