Tradeshow Thursday

Alberta Diabetes Foundation Website

Tradeshow Thursday

Here is a good chance to talk about this show! Halloween invites creative some creative costume ideas and I have some ideas percolating. There will also be a 3, 5 & 10k runs for the Diabetes Foundation and is a healthy way to celebrate Halloween! There will be various booths up and we have the pleasure to take a corner booth! Sample shots featuring Energy and perhaps some bug juice with my ice cube mold… Doesn’t that just bug you or get you all revved up!?

For all ages!

There will be a variety of other vendors as well! Many of the vendors that show up there also show year after year.


Valentus provides a line of products that are suitable for people with diabetes. As many of you know, sugar is added in abundance to our diets. All too often people do not realize that drinking syrup with high amounts of preservatives and other ingredients in which are very high in sugar with no naturally occurring fiber. Fiber is a wonderful way to regulate your hormones and according to studies. In fact, when it comes to the amount in dietary fiber, most are not found to be meeting their daily levels of fiber.

SlimROAST Coffee

Available in Brazilian, Italian and now Optimum. The Optimum coffee is our newest exclusive patented formula with amino acids to help to tone and rebuild tissues and VASO6 is a powerful compound found in green tea which is found to be incredible in the release of Nitric Oxide to the blood.


Leading drinks are proven to have adverse effects especially with those with nergy is a simple choice energy drink. Instead of a series of chemicals which are tested and found to be addictive, our energy drink is all natural and has only 4 grams of raw cane sugar and 2g of fiber, perfect for those on a low glycemic diet. Carefully selected plant sources have amazing synergizing health benefits with a natural increase in energy levels.


Delicious Pina Colada drink which is fantastic hot & cold! Has amazing 4g of sugar to ≈2g fiber and powdered tropical fruits! Boosts energy levels and helps boost metabolism alkalize the body while detoxing your body allowing for effective results!

Immune Boost

No caffeine in this drink makes it for a wonderful drink to enjoy before bedtime. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber from the most antioxidant rich foods in the world. Has 4g sugar and 2g fiber per serving and is a wonderful fizzy bubbly berry flavour and also alkaline!

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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