10/28 Sum Sunday

Sum Sunday

Yesterday was the Expo! It had a lot of people attending it and it was a very good opportunity to meet new people and have the ability to try out our amazing products!

I was unable to hand out my own cards as Purolator does not ship out to remote areas that often. They will, however be here for Monday between 9-5 at the alternate house that is in town. As a backup, I have been handing out the cards from my upline, Erle Deschene! I have handed out all of his cards in the 3 hours that the show was on and any new volume on to his account is transferred to my account as it was me who has increased the number of customers on his site.

This week was in sum a crazy week. Not everything here is what is as it is seems. If you have been following and you have read some other posts recently and reading my posts. I have been angry and pushed past a point, but that my heart was really not really in the right place. I do not know to what extent he is keeping me but I am being kept asking the calm to the chaos. I feel as that is a refreshing take on the whole thing.

He is still willing to help me take off with marketing and in building a strong organization. I shall take him up on it! Printers, maybe and if that shall be the case, I shall never be out cards to hand out at events. I wish to also bring out new ideas for new banners and stands to actualy make better tables but I’m not really sure how at this point to ask when he has a stack of problems or wishes to go on a tyrade. I don’t wish to make anyone feel used, but how is it that I can’t even perceive or pictures things but in other frames of minds that I can see so much. Why is it that I feel conflicted in this? Have I felt I was not going to be holding on this long? Where shall it be that I shall let my passion go wild?

☕Cheers ~ 4NeonFun

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