11/6 Tunesday

Cheers to treble…

Nobily noted | HighLighted boldly


Recalling the tune Dave Jordan performed during convention.

Valentus is growing the orders are flowing

Anyone else recall this motif here? Anyone at all?!… Welp I guess this is this is one of those #HadToBeThere moments! Well it is in the name anyways!

Perhaps in a future edit I shall upload the video of this.

It was pretty sweet plus totally made Vancouver a tune anyone and their cousin to vibe to! Plus we all get to build up a lot of things off a simple duplicatable system that anyone and their cousin could follow. Does everyone know people who need to lose weight and also like to drink coffee.

Is it Time to Bring Coffee to the Table!?

  • You like telling about things that you like?
  • Do you want to get paid to do it?
  • Does your coffee fund your future?
  • Does your morning cup of java fuel you each morning?
  • Does your Joe pay you for drinking it and telling people that you drink it?
  • Does your coffee help improve your mood?
  • Does your coffee have antioxidants?
  • Does your coffee make you feel happy?
  • Does your coffee help tone your muscles?
  • Does your coffee help regulate your weight?
  • Does your coffee reset your cravings?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then shut up and rethink your drink!

Special Announcement

This Saturday there will be a zoom call that will explain the history of Valentus. Where all of this came from, the core mission and the core values from top leaders in the business! Tune in for your opportunity to launch yourself into the new year with the remaining days of this year. You have this! If you need more money for gifts or perhaps you want to ditch the pounds from falling into holiday binge. Perhaps you want to start a business and you wish you can launch yourself! Look no further than Valentus: A company built by distributors for distributors.

Bright ideas never die and whatever you want to do this message is your call! Alternatively you can use the Valentus Calls Website to tune in to previous national calls in the archive. Connect to schedule a three way call with myself and another top leader in Valentus for your own tour of your future with us!

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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