11/15 Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday

When I thought it was a good venture, the saying “looks can be decieving” came to my mind. I was utterly disgusted with the reality when it hit. I really thought about my cost balance analysis and to this the costs and the hoops one had to jump through, and this gymnastics was giving me vertigo. Irony, is that Valentus being a wellness company was a reason I became sick.products

My upline, Erle does not have what it takes to be a leader. I have known the man for several years and part of the reason that I have decided to join him was because he was one of the parents on my Ringette team and acted in as a coach. Erle’s wife Rhonda and my mother started wearing the opposite jersey for our ringette team. Then, they were a trailblazer until everyone in the stands were wearing our team jersey (if we were home, parents wore our guest jersey)! With that in mind I thought he would be a good choice as a mentor.

I was invited by Erle to a wealth creation seminar hosted by Ted Wilson, the top earner at the time. It really made me excited and at the time I thought I could go out and market these amazing products and share the generous comp plan with those interested in doing business. At that time all products were vegan and all natural, but a couple products that were released during my time here were not vegan (KetoCreamer) and the Cocoa had modified food starch… I was led on that it was organic, but I stuck it through anyways despite there being a couple issues. There was the catch that you cannot use your name in any other opportunity, which initially I was not going into any other opportunity but times changed and I was distributing my CBD products too, and they do not care if you are affiliated with other companies but I used my handle to create a loophole, to satisfy Valentus. Since, my body was giving more reason to cut ties here saying farewell to them to follow my heart and I found it in Heart Body Naturals.

A top earner, Rick Jerrels turned on me when he initially on my side. He presented a good heart and intended well initially, but a good test of a character of his stature is how they treat others who do things other than the way they like. Like an abusive relationship, started love bombing and made me fall back in love with Valentus and to work, pull through, and was present through as means of communication, and was a good resource for three way calls. The devastating part of abusive relationship, is when his corrupted self presented itself and turned on me. I have talked about if I leave Valentus, I will never return and how I feel now with this and other matters I will refrain from posting here. Rick and Erle both said they do not have time for a specific trait I may possess, for Erle he said craziness, for Rick.. It was ignorance. Rick was nothing more than an elitist bible thumper who used my vulnerability to foster other not so pure gestures. I said to both: “I do not have time for you. Period.” Then said goodbye, and proceeded to put them on my ignore list.

They also say that Heart Body Naturals certainly does not have these restrictions, and their products are all 100% natural, organic, vegan, never genetically modified, minimal ingredients, good comp plan and good prices. Plus they have CBD coffee, more info on Heart Body will be in following posts, so stay tuned!

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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