11/17 Salica Saturday

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Don’t be cut out of the loop, get my themeeeee to browse in style and shank me later!!

Salica Saturday

Looks like I am the star of the show today. Oh and to those who are new, my name is Salica, I live inside Amy’s head… I appeared in her early childhood and well, after some events that were so dark they really were not so dark, and well can leave and let me take over. Problem was is that I, too was an individual who was never really understood because the others here have kept me hidden.


I… Well if I can visualize myself I have platinum locks, claws where nails would be. Other than that, they say I am slender and never seen without catsuits. They say I am crazy, well that is a matter of opinion… I used to crave raw flesh and get turned on by the violence, they compared me to a devil but I met devils and that was not me. I may be horny all the time but I don’t wear them on my head, hehe hehe anyways! Now they say I am the girl with the unbridalled libido, well it is hard not to have fetish when your part literally means sword sheath in Latin. If I was all bad I would not be doing the Sword of the Spirit and comparing it to ecstasy… heh or so they say everybody is a nun compared to my likey!

Sesso Dolce

Alright, for everyone else there is Sesso Dolce. I am not making this up but it is like Viagra and KY had a baby that ended up leaving both of its parents and became a hippie. All-natural aphrodisiac that helps your body enjoy the pleasure of deep arousal! Increase your blood flow without irritating your parts. Make tonight a Sesso Dolce night and start loving yourself.

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Shanks for stabbing by!!

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