11/23 Fortune Friday

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🔥🍀Today is the day! 🌟 Don’t miss it!!!!!! ☕Cheers my Deers!🍀🔥

➕💲Black Friday💲➕

☕Cheers my deers it is really here! Oh I hope you are as pumped about this as I am! Seriously I am not making this up, I can offer you stacks of good deals! Well?! Do you want 6 bottles of the highest quality essential oils? Well connect with me and you shall receive that $25 gift card for your order! Plus select bundles offer you more in gift card value than the bundle’s listed price wowee!!! Plus you get our prosper, cold & flu blends and detox blend.

Really, to keep it real I have read these rules of successfull people, I think there are some other lessons to be learned! I took this from a Dr Damon post and found it quite interesting:

As for some of these, Dr Damon said the first one is not really a universal truth though in itself that interpretation runs as a Paradox. Those with posture should not expect to seek council from those who lack confidence. This, I have adapted that phrase by way of pulling the appearance of self confidence, good habits, and show the best side of your problems and address them straight up rather than slouched.

1&2 By the way, how many do you help have low self esteem and are also consequently trying to appear small and insignificant?

2&3 Making friends with those who intend well for you is quite self explanatory and network marketing affiliate or whatever you wish to call it is a relationship business. I want to enrich lives, and guess what? I am proud to say that as well stands true to the golden rule and that stands that you should treat others the way you wish to be treated.

As for the fourth rule, too few practice this but if more did, they would find more self confidence rather than conscious.

Rule 5 could go out to anyone, say for stupidity reasons like being intoxicated behind the wheel or if you are that one person, as for children, perhaps things like dropping out and living the street life is nothing we should just open adopt, either.

6 can tie into other rules as it is set and example and “for he without sin shall cast the first stone” and variations of not throwing rocks when you are in a glass house.

7 is also solid advice, unless the easy way out aligns with values, can better you, improve your health and open other avenues. Be quick, but mindful in your decisions and be consistent with those intentions. Some things come easier, but you could also be better. Rome was not built in a day but certainly those along the way became more certain of the final picture, then there were the visionaries that saw it long before and saw through that that it was indeed done.

8 is great! Be as honest as you can unless it is for a surprise or something pleasent, but yeah dishonesty destroys all integrity which was why leaving Valentus was what I had to do. I found better deals and I want to share those, and I would rather actually live the dream rather than portraying I do when my reality was a nightmare. Being okay against my wishes, seems contradictory but I wish to go back to allowing myself to help myself. I cannot do that when the mindset was to mind others first. Live in alignment with your values and be an example for others. Do not spin yourself in a web of lies in shady business. Neon is bright, Neon is noble and where Neon shines there are no shadows!

9 is insightful yet Plato says that he’s the wisest man for he says he knows one thing and that he knows nothing. Insights from others can perhaps be the mirrors that help eliminate blind spots. Take the observations of others with a grain of salt and do not take it personally, the average person do not appear to be “thinking” that often.

10 can relate back with posture, if you are clear and direct, others understand and you appear to have authority. If a person wants success, being personable is one step towards achieving.

11 well, a less serious rule but for another answer no less. Kids (or anyone really) on a skateboard typically are bored out of their minds to the point physical activity is seen as the thing to do. Skateboarders are also the master of tricks, plus stranger danger…

12! This one sounds like a rule I would have put there myself. I could just be biased, cats are awesome unless you are allergic, then maybe not so much. I am the crazy cat lady after all! Anyways, there is clinical evidence that supports the action of petting a cat and in reducing blood pressure. Solid advice, pet a cat if one approaches you on the street, and maybe practice rule #3 with this cat and they sense your vibes and they just want the best for you.

Okay, I won’t keep you much longer! I really don’t want you to miss out on..

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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