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And now from there to build a great world, one must build a greater self. Do you want a better cup? Well here is a tasty way and to reduce the inflammation swelling the nation… CBD Coffee…

Shout out to Gordon Molnar, building the future… With Pillar Systems!

Variability of Service

Take asset management and extrapolated builds communities. Yet, it is not the picture without all that has to occur behind the scenes. Perhaps one is blind and cannot see the picture, but whether that is the case or one is refusing to accept reality as presented. Yet, to remove the rose colored glasses may cause mass hysteria or it could result in the trend towards enlightenment. On a grandiose scale, he understands the value of resolving issues before they become problems, yet when one looks at the details, you may find several unresolved details.

Yet that was ironic because my father is very meticulous when it comes to his work. To him, he has literally and I suppose figuratively built his own living through career by being involved with the design of several projects in infrastructure.

Yet, when it comes to it, I may share his genes, though I have not inherited his rigidity, as he is set in his ways once he has made up his mind as he is too invested in arriving at his decision and it just is not consistent nor efficient as he would put it to go research the views that are not his own. To that, he has rejected my business ventures and still tends to be among the last to know as I grew up not really building a good relationship with him. He is good in business and at being a Civil Engineer, but strange enough, building a cohesive family unit is not a strong suit.


I grew up really close to my mother as I have inherited her compassion and open mindedness. Yet, unlike my mother who makes more of her decisions based off emotion and what is best for others, I got some more of that logic driven side to help others. I have learned that at first to build others, you must also build yourself. When any dimension of your health. Taking care of yourself is among the most important and simultaneously overlooked. Make it a daily habit to keep your SPECS balanced, as the foundation of vitality rest on your capability to thrive as opposed to just resisting ailment.






Jam with 4NeonFun to reduce the inflammation swelling the nation!


Yes, naturally this is what I call this, and then what? Make another play with the header? Heh well it rhymes with inflammation, which is what you know called me down for it, well nah… I just wanna gift a card because ya know it it such a swell time to be sweeping the nation. You know who cut, got allergies, sprained, broke, got sick, yada the list goes on. I go on about the dope but this time I am telling you to take this checklist… Then eat your fruits… Nourish yourself. Well if you are like me who saw this and well… That’s great and all, but I don’t know, man… I certainly have better things to be doing than that… Wide range of super high quality stuff that is totally consciously sourced. Well, we have CBD which got me in, plus their Gift Card program… Heh gift cards… Get more than the package is worth, plus your products from the value pack plus once a year they stack the Black Friday plus Cyber Monday deal. I definitely bought more and now I have more cards than I know what to do with… So I put this on my Facebook Story and I usually get like 20-30 seeing it… Getting thumbs up and love faces.. Connect with me, and I will give you more of a first time discount, or a whenever you like. Just go man.. Plus I was just in the mood to send. Eh, otherwise someone else can be blessed with the $25 gift card. It is free money after all…



HBNaturals | 4NeonFun Home

This checklist practically described my fibromyalgia life. Really, there were a handful of things that I said zero to, but there were things here which a “4” is accurate, especially towards the cognitive side of things, joints/muscles (fibromyalgia) Eyes, (again, correlated with my fibro) skin was worse before, actually as this list goes, it was perhaps a 3 across the board, but I would have you believe now that is pretty clear and I take pride in being comfortable with it. Weight, as far as cravings go, I tend to crave based off my habits. I used to eat a lot of dairy products and cheese was crack… Well it did not help what I later found was called IBS and that I was really intolerant to lactose as well, or in the least it was linked to a lot of my other problems and since swiching to plant based alternatives, I crave that when I want rich and creamy taste, which would actually help my ability to maintain my weight as times would others would say “I think you need a cheeseburger”, my response, naturally was “Oh..? And I think you need to stop.”

I have read that a well planned whole foods plant based diet is the way to go and whike it did resolve many of my physical symptoms, it is a constant battle. Firstly, you get people telling you about nutrition, I just ask them where they get their credentials from? when they clam up or trying to cite the food guide, challenge them to Cronometer a lovely tool used for telling you a detailed nutrition profile of each. Who is really more balanced me or you?

Trying to source these fruits that give me these values have been tough. Especially since it it harder to get quality in season produce in places with Canadian winters. The produce during this time just looks sad and I read much of the nutrition is lost during shipping. Good luck, most people do not get enough, even when they have a really good idea, you get stuck in a rut of lots of frozen produce, legumes, and complex carbs like found in sweet potatoes. Nuts and seeds are another good option but sourcing good ones can be costly, but are nutrition powerhouse and tend to be sprinkled in dishes or used in sauces.

Tasty way to help you get the benefits of all these super foods we hear about but cannot access. No sugar other than the naturally sweet fruit called Monk Fruit in our nutrition line. Give the gift of health this year!

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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