11/28 Website Wednesday

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Website Wednesday

I got joint custody to oil my joints. Well, it has too many play on words to not name my page “Joint Oil” so, it shall be. Now on to a sneak peek on what this page has! Click on Joint Oil to go visit the page.

What You Will Find

HBNaturals has a wonderful Hemp Herbals line. The CBD oils here originated and grown organically in Kuntucky farms. They ship globally (helpful for Canadians) and have the best quality at a competitive price. I know this is a good alternative to smoking and a far better choice than to hit up my legal drug dealer (my physician) and ask for much stronger substances, with consequently much greater side effects. I ended up getting my cannabis prescription in June 2016 and it has opened up a whole new outlook on my life. Really, this is my oil page, in no particular order. No, our products are 100% pure plant power and you will not find SnakeOil or synthetic products here!

When I stopped caring about the ignorants saying it will make you dumb and lazy. Well, I thought to myself “rather be dumb and lazy than to be dead, my pain is unbearable and I really just want to put myself down.” So that was settled and I always went on parading “You know what I say.. A gram a day keeps the pain away and my anxiety at bay!” Though going on a couple years of this I know takes a number on my lungs and while it is not as bad as cigarettes, you still run the risk of tar lungs, because you are still inhaling combusted substance. Hanging around campfire smoke will not kill you per say, but there are still much better ways to enjoy it without inhaling all the smoke, so I moved on from smoking to vaporizing (the sublimation point of terpenes are lower than the combustion point of cannabis making this a safer option) though I really want to go another route. Inhaling the substance acts quickly, which is great but also wears off just as quick (with my tolerance, oh boy) all hail edibles which skip the lungs, longer to take effect but once it does, I can actually function. Actually, looking back cannabis was likely my reason I graduated college, and for great reasons, one for anxiety and two… I have never worked on research papers and write with such attention to detail with no other drive than to complete the task at hand. With this new laser focus I can now use on my work instead of on my pain. Ironically, I was called lazy before I started partaking in the devil’s lettuce, and was considered hard working despite being called a stoner but perhaps it is the ignorant acceptance of certain stereotypes that is one critical flaw of living in this society rather than some specific actions carried out by others.

Essential Oil singles, blends and as well as blends that will activate your endocannabinoid system. Essential oils are the volatile essence of plants which give them their therapeutic properties. Essential oil blends are a synergistic combination of these extracts to achieve a desired effect. Our Essential oils are the first distillate and from that extremely potent and should be enjoyed in trace amounts.

🍀 Hemp Herbals 🍀

Click on the photo to view page

Entourage ➕ Synergize Your ECS

Cannabis’ Entourage


Stick to it!

~Just going to stick this here!~

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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