12/2 Sum Sunday

➕Sum Sunday🗒


Well, I guess I don’t have my mini, I don’t know why it happened.

On Wednesday the alternator gave the ghost

In my neighborhood mailbox I found myself stranded…

Never to brag and boast

But my van said take a hike..

Considered walking,

Got to talking

With the neighbours on my street

Oh the ride was sweet

Heh, well at least I am alright…

I really just wanted something to eat.

I called my mother but the neighbors helped me first…

Oh the hours run late

And towing it back ain’t so great

I guess it is not the worst.

I guess there is a silver lining.

Junior, my cat has never met his end!

Well I guess that was Thursday, the next day…

I think I see a trend…

Last time I saw him

Thanksgiving LAST year

Clenched his turkey neck, as the sky went dim…

I couldn’t believe my ears..

He is truly wild

Junior, my furry child…


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Hindsight is 20/20

One must pioneer through the dark to set up light, that is why it is called blazing a trail. Though sometimes you feel exceptionally alone on the journey regardless on who is surrounding you. Dark and scary, like… Well this puts us off to Friday… Oh yeah that was not even half the story…

I sorta wrote some poetry (I guess) it is really the middle of the night here… But I just woke up really oddly inspired, like that feeling you get when you are having a lucid dream… Yet it continues into as I awaken from slumber. Parts of last night hit again, as my boo takes me home.

Salica came out last night, again my family still does not know about my alters, as they were played off in yesteryears. Still, I find it odd my mother is a little on edge, she actually said to her “Do you like have wings and are you going to come out and hurt me?” Salica said “Don’t be silly, I would not hurt my own mother as there is no reason for me to come out and attack oh and these wings *holds out winged cardigan* if they worked, do you think I would be here? Heh I would be in Mexico or some place warm and I sure would not be too concerned about getting stranded..” Mom just looked back still weirder out, you see me, but you hear someone else.

Funny, she says she knows me, perhaps only one dimension, others, she said I was a stranger. Having the feeling of knowing someone is one of life’s many paradoxes. You really do not know someone until you know, but then again can you be so sure? I was self-conscious of them, and others who came and went as I was figuring. out for myself just who I was. She identified a clear distinction between myself and Salica, however, she could not pick up the more subtle nuances between Jennavine and myself, though her eyes are more aqua now and she is more collected, still. Perhaps though, sometimes you really feel it with MEMECENTER with this… It hurts that they may never know let alone understand. Leaving breadcrumbs as to some, is plenty food for thought. I do not drink, however I really find this funny… If I really wanted pain relief, poisoning oneself is the antithesis of that, as fear is to love. One should not expect to be taken with any merit if the actions contradict your words. Yet I will hold my mother to the words “I will love you no matter who you are and what you decide to do in your life.”


Well, I still find this funny… Because it rings true. Well, that is dark too… Like Friday night… That was when we really made the connection that it really was not my battery and let’s see how much anxiety one can have… Fortunately, well self did awesome managing that… It was just below freezing, visibility was low due to it being 22:30-23:00 and foggy, the roads were forming a slick layer of ice.

Mini really did not help much, though I was fortunate (again) that she got me home safe… I had maybe about 15L (a few gallons) in my tank and I live out in the middle of nowhere. My work and the 7/11 are essentially in the same parking lot and easily walkable, so I started up and decided to fill up before making the trek home. Battery light was on going to work, but being well I just got that replaced, it dawned on us then it was really alternator… But I was clutching straws hoping I had enough juice to get me home. It took longer to start from the gas station and and I saw my dash flicker and that battery light was still glaring back at me. It was that moment I knew it was going to be close. I practically hit all the green lights except for one which is that one that I had to stop at twice on the way there due to backlog on the way there. I left town and it was so foggy, you could cut it with knives… Well people drove slower and well… I just hung around another to use their lights (mine were dim as it was and at this point my battery losing charge did not help power my lights much) I had everything else off in there except my dim dash and level 3 (of 5) heat on the windshield to prevent instant crystalization. I turn on to Parkland Drive, a not at all lit back road and after that fortunately the fog cleared a bit but my lights were progressively getting dimmer.. No visibility + wildlife (deer, moose, etc.) infested road = Canadian Roulette well, a few meters (yards) away I did not have power to my speedometer, so I had no idea how fast I was going… But I was not a racerocket nor was I crawling either… I just wanted to get home… I passed my old school and around that I was practically driving with no lights on… It almost got to the point I was going on memory, ambient light and a whole lot of luck… Turning onto my Range Road.. Foggier than foggy there… Well could not see past a few feet anyways… Not even enough power to signal, so even if I just drove home with my hazards on (real considering) nobody would be able to see me and if I stopped I would be stranded. Along that part my steering and brakes had little power so if I had inertia, I could steer, but otherwise I had to pump brakes mad to get it to slow, but mainly coasting down my subdivision no lights on and really no brakes and little steering power. I coasted down my driveway and my vehicle practically just died right there. That is okay, I was just overjoyed I got home.

I stare at my new headlights on the bench. I quickly became overwhelmed with the irony of that situation from being that was one of the reasons I was at the mailbox prior to that and plus I have got my BYO Hemp Herbals package… Well, big spender with the money I sunk into my business ventures, I could have a new (to me) ride but I know leveraging recurring residuals through duplication is extremely powerful. I just got a few more prospect and another really good potential candidate for my team. Heck, plus I picked up 12 extra hours at work and I have a ride for the next week. Plus after costing everything else out, should be back on the road shortly…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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