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Resolution • Café Molnar

Oh where do I start? Oh of course, the newest addition is my Facebook group called Café Molnar. A lovely group in which to share RISE Coffee with you and share recipes, and my personal results as well as anyone else who has gotten a RISE from their cup. Café Molnar is a safe place, so please sit back, relax and get a RISE! You really will enjoy the very powerful effects it has on you with only two simple ingredients: Arabica instant coffee, and nanoemulsified hemp.

Oh yeah, coffee drinkers are getting hooked (in a good way) and non coffee drinkers: it will make a coffee drinker of you, still! It got me, plus I am actually looking at quitting smoking cannabis and tarring my lungs multiple times a day. While I was drinking the coffee, I noticed it was very fast-acting and effective relief was felt about 1/2 way through my cup. RISE coffee tastes great but adding a drizzle of dark maple syrup is just the 🇨🇦 touch I needed to get on with my day, all potentially without rolling a single joint.

Here are just a few more things:

  • Product information pages (PIP) are coming soon!
  • Rearranged my submenu
  • Cyber security updates (edit I added the updated change SSL setting)
  • SSL enforcement (will show up as https//: instead of http//:)
  • ➕1 for cyber security
  • Put the group link on my website
  • Updated my BIO
  • Moved all my social media links on to the Social Media page
  • Put the group up on Social Media
  • Created banners
  • Updated links and info from DO Business
  • BeElemental & BeautyBar webpages are under development
  • More on the way!
Café Molnar Banner
RISE and have ☕Cheers!

The idea kicked around from yesteryears when a friend of mine who loved coffee so much considered it his blood transfusions and has introduced me to the cat café on Whyte. I have mentioned this friend before, Jessie yet it has been months since he was mentioned in any of my blogs but he was never forgotten. Jessie, known to some as Gambit and did carry around the name Ashton as well. As far as what I could tell, there was a much higher than average risk for doing the thing that closed the back cover of his book and then had Meduca read it so it would turn to stone.

I always found it interesting how both like attracts like and how opposites attract can both be true. In a lot of cases, we were no different and in other situations there could not possibly be any more polarity. Yet, it was when he decided to bury the hatchet on our friendship because of a misunderstanding between who is now my X (nomad biker), Jessie(my friend), Alex (wannabe biker) when word was out that Alex and Jessie were going to lynch my (was friends with benefits but now we are much more) at the WEM. Now, I did not believe a word Alex said and I took my X with a grain of salt, as I was there beside him listining to all this go down, but I thought the whole thing was ludicrous and I took the more sensible story of Kendall getting sent on a wild goose chase by Alex, and well, my X hid the lot of it in the shadows as I know he is not too fond of him. It only looked like that he was making himself look like a hero while everyone else is running for their lives. Nonsense I say! Ugh!

Oh and plus, I am getting a ring from Kendall. Goes to it I was not advertising my wohohoho so stop asking. Plus, I feel that this was the way it should have been from the start. Sometimes you just find yourself down on your knees howling bloody murder to then dismiss it was a nightmare but then realize that all of it did indeed happen and those still in dealt with it to spare me the suffering.

Having a mother who is an accountant can teach you valuable lessons from accounting itself. Cost-Benefit assessment, now before you jump the gun and say it is shallow, I actually intend on using it to assess the value they bring to you. Look at all the ways that you enrich a person’s life, then look if that is reciprocated. If it seems like at that point that they as a person are only taking away instead of adding to you, then it is time to consider the roles these people have. Well time to RISE and put all of this behind. As I reflect on earlier parts of 2018, I think about what my resolution was: to rid myself of the B.S. in my life. I buried the hatchet to several who were once close but no longer being value to my life as their investment to any sort of relation was spent. I am done, and in some cases the worst of me saw the spotlight and it was only inevitable since the feeling of disgust was only growing and comes the point where simply cutting all ties and walking away can only be felt as almost the most liberating experience.

Yet on with myself, I was often told that I could not think past myself. Often, yourself is a good place to start. All dimensions of myself through head committee, I still find it is funny when Salica comes around. Everyone else thinks I am acting, but goes to show how little everyone knows of me. You would have her say things that is just out of my character, such as when brought up the topic of death, her classic response is “That turns me on!” Or “Hey! I get off on my own death!” Or simply make some sharp witted remark about blades and say it was a knife joke and then she will say as her goodbye.. “Shanks for stabbing by!”

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

Safely browse in style ☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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