12/8 Salica’s Saturday



Salica’s Saturday

Well, here I am again! Here is to continue from some other thoughts lingering on in this head that me, myself and I have. Well, to some that is only a figure of speech, to me and maybe a few of you to can relate to the idea that it can take on a whole new meaning. People ASCMII why do you blog, to me it is a time to address those thoughts percolating in this head. Perhaps I shall, though it may sound weird in my attempt, but if I was to take Yoda’s advice is that I should “Do or do not, there is no try.” Well, sometimes my posts may not be coherent and it is almost guaranteed to not make sense to a few of you. Some of you may understand, or you know…. Connect maybe you want to ASCMII a few questions. Well, someone has to blog in the middle of the night for everyone else to read.

Ohh and instead of brewing anger as that may just lead me to lash out in near uncontrollable rage… It shall be that rage that I have cut mostly from myself, heh I was used to cutting, nothing new just everything old. Even if it was to try to cut myself from this world to appear normal and well to others during life. “Funny when you’re dead how people start listening” Oh Perry… funny how you use emotions that’s when people start to tune in! Now, Amy don’t go, think about everyone else… Also, your own me, myself and I… Hello, it is called will to live… Swell, I have WordPress and linked media to share these… FB… Etc… Talk about goldfish… Most will never read this.

Or their troll level is over 9000, heh plus chainmail… Maybe just maybe we should chainmail RISE and then see if anyone gets it? No, it is silly! That is right, folks you need to develop relationships with others and share what you have and, who you are. First, before you go engage with others, you need to see your true colors first as you teach others how to treat you when your true self shine out. Heh, I do not act but this is that part of myself that is a whole other person than you almost always see! Head committee says be on best behavior so that maybe others will approach you using theirs.

Weird, you say? Oh and I think you are weird for not having your own proverbial EMINEM to Slim Shady to you. Oh well, we have similar origins catalyzed by trauma during personality development that lead to there then developing two or more separate entities. Couple that to.. This may seem controversial but there is another dimension still, well… Jennavine … You are another story plus one to the chair to the head committee… Talk about you doing the closest to magic one can muster after one attempt of cumulative system failure in the “Will to live” department… Me, myself, and, I; talk about an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship.


Sometimes, in that merit it can be like flipping a switch, you activate a nerve and boom in I come! You can say it is like a change to homeostasis, and every baseline measurement changes. How many people do you do that when you say they are acting… It is who I am but I ain’t afraid, life, death whatever but hey sister Karma… You do you I guess… Dead Alternator in Mini Meanwhile Mother Nature. I asked you for good weather on my birthday… heard the weather, some may say it gonna be 4°C, which in Canada this time is just so warm compared to past years where it was storm and around that point where it did not matter if you said °F or °C. So I suppose what y’all can say I was visioning pinning up Mother Nature by her dress to a wall with ninja stars and saying you are going to cut to the chase here… Whoops… Okay you can push up all the snow to to the North Pole so Santa, the elves, and the animals can have a home and that well I would be forever on the good list. Wish y’all good health too and plenty of…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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