12/12 Well it is Wednesday

Well it is Wednesday…

But not just any Wednesday!

The alignment of twelves on the calendar… Well, for most of you, you are chanting holly jolly Christmas Carols about the twelve days of Christmas! Well, I got one too… Well because the anniversary of the day of entering this world is sort of a personal holiday🎂

🎵On the first hour of birthday, my true love gave to me… 🎵

Well, I got a couple things from my beloved. Through the pressure we have given up each other as exchange has been reciprocated. Most notably, his promise to me finally caught up, yet a second time as hardware. Yet, as stark as the comparison went, even last year he gave me the gold chain, indicating a very important link in my life. (With the honorable mentions of the Purrfect Wine Glass and Swiss dark chocolate are also 💯!)

Yet now I can share it with full on passion knowing that those who shall mean anything shall show their support. For those who do not, my relationship is still somewhat open but I will not hesitate to show you the door. I harbor this as homage to the need to nurture ideas/skills lest your brain no longer supplies these connections and scales back… One of my favorite terms… Synaptic prune… Ah the more comprehensive way of forgetting and, if you will – throw it to the shredder to then allow the resources to then nurture more relevant information.

Fakers are not real to me therefore they do not exist – a figment left to synaptic prune into the mist. ~4NeonFun

Website Wednesday

Okay I have some major updates. I have published two new pages for my website, BeElemental & Beauty Bar as promised. Well here is to the help of Beauty Bar in helping mmetaphorically clean up my act. We have a new Skincare line on its way and it will be appended to this page when announced. For now you can feel free to browse the hair & body bars and love yourself with Sesso Dolse! Yes, that was a polyentendre.

🔖BeElemental page can now be accessed directly under “Do Business” under the main menu

🔖Beauty Bar page can now be accessed directly under “Do Business” under the main menu

🔖Menu updates

🔖Minor aesthetics on other pages

🔖Update to navigation and hostinger affiliate links underway

🔖 SEO (again, ongoing)

BeElemental – Don’t be mental, Be Elemental! Most chronic disease can be linked to a chronic or acute deficiency in a trace mineral. Well, most of you are not that particular about your diets and even the most avid nutritionalists agree that while food is the most beneficial for nutrient delivery, there may come a time that even with the most balanced of diets, not everything is in season. Sometimes your preferred source of that nutrient may be out of season and while you do your best, the food quality may be questionable and you wish to be sure you are covering your bases.

Well, let’s break it down to the basic building blocks of life… The cell… Okay, but in chemistry the basic building blocks are the elements found on the periodic table, known as minerals. Heart and Body has you covered. Only the best ingredients are used from the earth’s purest minerals. We cultivate water soluble minerals into an angstrom form through a new scientific technology and proprietary cultivation process. (Oh that science talk makes me excited in ways most may think is unusual or odd but party like your birthday🎂) Basically, it is their way of taking the trace minerals and make them a bioavailable solution. For example.. Did you know? 80% of Americans actually have a magnesium deficiency and signs can be anywhere from mood disorder, to chronic pain/fibromyalgia (that is me, folks) to nerve function and circadia (insomnia anyone?) Well here is your solution!

☕Cheers! 4NeonFun

BeElemental | May your DNA be enshrined with gold so that all that is replicated be of gold standard. ~4NeonFun

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👋Hello, and welcome to my corner of the Internet! Here you will find a unique collection of stories and artistic expression. ⭐A system with a dark history and a bright future.🌟 We DID it!🎉 Certified Nursing Attendant & Administrative professional. Visit my website at www.4neonfun.xyz ☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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