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At last, I have all the products that Heart and Body Naturals have to offer. We offer a wide range of all natural health promoting products. I have completed SuperFoods and you can see it for yourself by clicking here.

I have also created a couple other pages on my site.

Love Yourself • Beauty Bar • Awaken Senses

Mined Business • BeElemental • Replenish Balance

Nourish Desire • SuperFoods • Reload Shoot

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Just crank it up!

Just saying what’s up! Bright ideas never die but they say who am I?

Well that has been complicated past the point on figuring out who I am not. Do you ask yourself that question like who am I? Perhaps not really, but if became out of character but what if you simply were out of character because it was simply the natural flow to do so that you simply accepted this alias and adopted it as your own identity.

Well I was one who lived through the foundation of imposter syndrome. I branched off all sorts of things while it was not even like being in the passenger or behind the wheel… Not in the trunk because I could see where it was going.. So more like the back seat… Really, all you saw was irritability and a lot of missed opportunities as some may say to show kindness. Yesterday, I found that Donna, someone I worked with since I started working at Winners since I started wanted this huge can of these canned tomatoes from Italy. I thought it would being amusement when she can no longer find it on the sales shelf today and see the same can show up in the break room with a note on it saying “To Donna, I knew you wanted these, so I picked this up just for you!” For a couple bucks, I think she would be super happy to bring the discounted can of stewed tomatoes home for her family. Speaking of giving, I am still handing out gift cards to those interested in my products. How can you put a cost on your health? I am saying just try it or bless someone else to it!

Funny to say as I have to proverbial band many times… Knowing that in each iteration was okay to jam for the time, but became old quick and felt it was no longer my taste but someone else. You see the transition as the tone and subject matter shift. I started off the year drinking hot sauce, and in fact had fun out of Louisiana hot sauce and moved on to that bottle of Dave’s hot sauce and cut a bit in with shooters. Now, just MIND BODY & SOUL shooters. The heat was pleasurable and well drinking booze hanging around chucking 💯 💲 for a wonderful fireworks show in the comfort of the front yard. It can only go up from here, and yes, certainly it has from being crossfaded in Scoville. I have went from others constantly concerned to them genuinely being happiness. To others, they say I have gained my light, the sparkle in my eyes and

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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👋Hello, and welcome to my corner of the Internet! Here you will find a unique collection of stories and artistic expression. ⭐A system with a dark history and a bright future.🌟 We DID it!🎉 Certified Nursing Attendant & Administrative professional. Visit my website at www.4neonfun.xyz ☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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