░S░O░L░S░I░C░E░ 2018 (っ◔◡◔)っ

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🌟Theme Thursday🎯

This post is made in celebration of my 50th theme from both of my ThemeBeta accounts. Well, I have lost my original 4NeonFun account information and found myself unable to retrieve it. So, in response made the 4-NeonFun account nearly 6 years ago. So, really in counting 4-NeonFun has 44 themes to add to my original 6 I made back in 2012. Well, times really have changed in the near 7 years since I first decided to start making these — where there were only approx 25 thousand themes published. Today, there are well over a million published on ThemeBeta. Well, as I say bright ideas never die so keep it 💯 while you browse in style!

Click Here to download Solstice on ThemeBeta

░S░O░L░S░I░C░E░ 2018 (っ◔◡◔)っ

🔖Friendly Friday✨

Today marks the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, and on the flipside, the first day of summer. Well, from my part of the globe it is officially winter even though I was already surrounded by reminders that I do, in fact, live in Canada. Well, spoken from a prairie province bound standpoint — if you are not prepared for the thrillin then your nose will get quite the chillin in this winter wonderland. Although, it has been quite mild compared to previous years is still quite cold for the uninitiated❄☃

Plus, if you have seasonal affect, you have the news that past today, if you live north of equator, you will notice that each day will bring you more hours of glorious sunlight. It is also good to consider checking your levels of vitamin D as well as deficiency can occur with such little exposure to natural sunlight. It is always good to know your levels so you can fortify yourself and ensure yours are adequate. It is always good practice to track your habits and any modifications and report them to anyone who is involved with your care (ex. doctor).

Maintaining healthy and balanced eating habits can be difficult during the rushed holiday season. It is fine to treat yourself, however you must then be mindful on how you define a modest treat and make the distinction to avoid binging. Know your reasons in which you wish to improve your lifestyle and understand your locus of control. Work towards avoiding the instant gratification by making healthier habits to safeguard you from falling prey to your perhaps not-so healthy temptations. Create incentive for having personal disipline over the urges until it starts to become automatic. Find ways to make these new habits more pleasent than the ones you wish to replace to make the process more rewarding and easier to follow through. Handling your own objections by asking yourself if those objections are valid or merely abstract obstacles to excuse you from reaching your goals. Good things come to those who wait especially rings true in this case and having discipline by sticking to your plan even when it is not always convenient will have lasting positive benefits that you will later appreciate and wish to say…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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