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Salica’s Obstinate Sunday

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Knife to see y’all are still here. Well, so am I and I am cross… *cough* junkies… Go on use somewhere else but don’t leave your used needle for someone else to get pinstruck by…. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls cue the flashback *drumroll* Prince Albert, SK. Okay, to bring in a bit of context I heard that of the places with the highest crime rates of Canada are ironically places I call home… This time around sprucing up the grove with rampant narcotic trade, oh and from a young age was emphasized the need to be wary of used syringes… Well, brings back to the day on the riverbank was informed about used needles and how they can make you very sick and what to do if you come across such hazard… Well… Good goes, that advice came in handy because it was known that that spot was a common site for users and well we came across the sharp evidence and we stopped dead in our tracks marked the site, vacated it and let authorities know, in our case a park ranger who quarenteened the area to speak to then have it dealt with by people who are trained at what they were doing.

Speaking of knowing what we are doing…. Whatever works I guess, like Jungian therapy but on the condition that you trust your practicioner so that as a collective, can trek the heavy jungle that is is the human mind. J was performing it again, it is like therapy inception, but hey paradigm shifts and action resulted where other means were ineffective. That shadow self had to be severed, it is clear without a shadow of doubt. All parts of self are willing to co-operate and therefore can reach great heights as where neon shines there is no SHADOW! There is only so much modifacation one will allow if they have a tenacious reluctance to altering the behaviour. That, plus mindfullness as it is easy to be tied to pessimism if there is no optimism to set you free. Self-neuromodulation is moving along, thanks to plasticity, and I am as real as it gets but malleable, and like precious metals, rare and collectible plus ohhh so shiny! I get it for the rest of you do not have this luxury, so heh I had a practitioner follow and like my posts a while… Dr. Eric Perry from Make it Ultra™ and I have mentioned him before, his articles are always very well composed. It also seems like he has plenty of undertakings and I find it somewhat of an honor that he has taken some of his precious time to read what I have to write. I am just another random blogger, well very interesting to some. I still am not a professional writer by any means and my posts are more than likely minefields to grammar nazis. Always proofread, and if possible have someone read your work lest it appear incoherent to the reader. Well, half the time I simply ‘wing it’ then I make changes later. Nobody is perfect, including me so just enjoy this mash up quote I made up from M.A.G.I.C. by The Sound of Arrows and Change the Skylines by Duran Duran with some of my own lines.

So I calculate and analyze, my head spinning from all of those lies, it had me fooled; A logical mess. In times of facts figures and distress. So to remedy this vertigo from the mental gymnastics. I can change the skylines. Set my mind free set me loose, I will arrange that in time. Time to change the skylines, free me from this proverbial noose. I see far horizons.

I feel like I am fitting right in there, well in like the worst way. It is like others in the loonie bin are seeking guidance by another proud loon! Well, we are a bunch of crazy Canadians… And oh I could not even start my shift without busting a known crook. I was shopping with my mother and I have a full shift and I simply refused on those grounds but I was on it, as soon as my shift started. The purple hair gangsta, (using term loosely) with her tattered sloppy casual attire, and well had the head committee going all day. Well, outside of my head is another proud warrior loon, Donna! Well, we had this gangsta chick cuss out Donna because reasons, and well Donna takes none when others are full of it. She has knives, vocalized it and I kept realizing how much nympho I still possessed… Let’s say it brought about some interesting sensations, others in the head committee be like reverse and go to normal as this is neither the time nor place. Anywho following her while fixing all the sections she ‘shopped’ and well in the queue line finally after going back and forth trying to give me the slip… Well, would have been funnier if I was actually handed the undergarment but beauty…. Heh well she lurked the line for a bit and then kinda hid the four items by the pop cooler and just walked through till. Oh yes recovery reward come to mama!

Speaking of junkies… The end of the night brought in the most let’s just say there was a couple which really fit that bill. The girl looked like she needed some of my soap and a copious amount of running water. Anyways, we saw right through her ruse. They were like the only non associates to be in the store for the last hour we were open. P.S. being open until stupid o’clock attracts these folks and make staff very sleep deprived. Well, on with it, anyways she came to my fitting room… Twice… J thought she was up to no good so she watched her very close… Well, must be on to us being attentive because she brought everything back number tag and all with tags intact… Okay… We still kept a time stamp of their activities. The dude said out loud he is going for a beer and then proceeds to hand me a $20 flask. Then the two wandered around for another half hour then returned to my fitting room except with even more this time… I know she wanted to take the $3 shirt she would not pay for it so why should I buy her story? J used the store policy to encourage her to change out the shirt and purchase it to then return to my fitting room. Then instructed her that I will hand her a “0” tag indicating no unpaid merchandize and she would then change freely. She then threw her defence mechanism and lashed out saying that I want her to change in the open, to which I corrected her in saying that we offer the change rooms for the reason. She would then be able to walk out wearing the new top. Well, the unusual behaviour continues… well, she did not even so much as go back into the change room, she merely turned away from me facing the “women’s” sign and she maneuvered the top off from under her cartigan and wrapped herself with it with a doll expression and tone. After they left, I inspected the room for any defeated tags and any other merchandize, there was none, as far as I can tell and she brought everything out the number indicated anyways.

Well, good to know you are not taking that but with all the other defaced merchandise around our store… Like, essentially the worst version of scavenging hunt ever! Plus we do our closing announcement and she decided to go to the washroom… Okay I let everyone else know she’s in there… And there were like 3 staff outside the washroom, manager within earshot and Raven and I were doing a very thorough and really slowly cleaning… Like 15 minutes… Ugh Donna is like homicidal and I was obstinate to the head committee… She cut her finger on a sensormatic pin but her ruse was that she impaled herself with a fork, Kohl said the wound does not match that of what she was saying… Which further did not match what I was told that she thinks she has an infection. Worst. Copout. Ever. Plus you washing your hands for 5 minutes in our sink really is not going to make you look any better, you are just fueling the internal fire. We also noticed her leg was swollen, as if she had injected herself with a shared needle earlier and that was starting to show signs of sepsis… Girl is sick and is in need of medical attention, it was really quite a shame and it seems her partner has no interest in tending to her — makes me think he was the worse of the pair and appears to have used coercion on her based off the nature of our conversation. She expressed distress throughout the ordeal while the partner appears to divert and distract by denying and downplaying his partner while each used manipulative tactics in attempt to gain sympathy while building the illusion of trust so we would let our guard up.

Okay, I know a thing or two about wound care after doing even more sessions regarding the use of hospital supplies during my placement. Plus, back with J… She walked with her towards the till explaining wound care… While also minimizing my tendency to take my Xacto on her… but maaaaaan…. Donna was really vocal about her desire to go home. I do not blame her… Our team got so frustrated the general mood was “just take whatever you want and get out of our store!” Could I just be happy for myself in knowing it is my last day before I go on my holiday to go visit family in SK? I give myself permission so I shall be giddy that I don’t have the late nights settling for meager results. People find pleasure in the most obscure ways and in the least likely of places. Ohhh I was getting feisty and salty, but they say salt is born of the most pure of parents, the sun and the sea… Perhaps then it is borne of…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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