12/24 Naughty Eve Nice

Naughty 🌟 Eve 🌟 Nice

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When others say ‘let it snow’ and you have been proverbially throwing ninja stars at Mother Nature and Old Man Winter to keep the weather nice.

For when the flames burnt out when you only have fire to play.

…and you have a fuse the length of a planck. 🔥

Nerd time! A planck is the scientific name for the shortest measurable length.

The Planck length is the scale at which classical ideas about gravity and space-time cease to be valid, and quantum effects dominate. This is the �quantum of length�, the smallest measurement of length with any meaning. And roughly equal to 1.6 x 10-35 m or about 10-20 times the size of a proton.

🔖 Story Time 🗒

Okay, now on to the sweet stuff. My true love likes to give everyone chocolates as gifts so, I thought of it and thought perhaps 9lbs (about 4.5 kg) of chocolate made in the heart of Dorset for $30 (yes, a steep discount). Yes, I bought the infamous broken Santa Clause from work. He was going to be written off, but I wanted to save him from being discarded. There is an OK in broken and why waste fine chocolate? Claire, an Elf who works the House of Dorchester… I saved your work and I gave it to my true love! Nice💯!

I also gave the Shoup family the MIND BODY & SOUL trilogy! In turn, they gave me a spice caddy full of epicure products as early christmas presents. I will be away to my grandparents so I will not be around on christmas day to give them, so I did it in advance. Nice 💯!

So, I hear that angels are getting harder to find. Apparently, people are getting offended by angel ornaments and consequently, fewer are to be found in stores. I would chalk it up to there just being so much variety that it is just harder to give everyone all the choices. People sure like to get offended, like it is a compulsive habit; much so, I wanted to make a meme where there is a photo of a tree fully decorated with swasticas and angels and caption it “Offended Yet?”. I am more offended by others saying what I can and cannot use to decorate my tree! Plus, most of my ornaments were handmade, and I thought a lot of others would still have the pieces they made as children. Sure, they may not be the nicest looking and maybe as ugly as christmas sweaters but it brings back sentimental nostalgia. Plus, why have something that everyone else has, anyways when you can make a day of making unique one-of-a-kind ornaments?!

I also gave my father tea when he was not on my naughty list, though with his actions towards my brother. Claiming the place was disorderly, however none could see what the problem was so we simply ruled it as fictitious mess and moved on. My sperm donor also was saying that my brother must finish the bathroom and I just wanted to say leave it to Bryan as in reality it is not central to the liveability of the space (there’s already 2.5 bath on other floors). So, to feed his supply, he leveraged the fact that my brother lives there and threatened to eviction while claiming that building a bathroom was the cost of living there. I called him on his bluff, and quite frankly we would have the place gutted and arsoned before he tries to sell. By way, tough to sell a house if you do not have one! Oh whatever possessed me to revert to the hostile convictions of yesteryears? I feel a switch coming… 🔮 Full on psychotic intent here with no remorse… I could fight this or invite this, but I am glad here sometimes to have Jennavine be the voice of reason to keep me relatively level-headed.

Ugh… One thing I hate the most is having people walk all over you. I am not a doormat and I would sooner lace blades into my threads so they would find it embedded in them when they take their next step! That is it! I am catching all of you red footed! Plus all y’all are backwards, because things are meant to used and people are meant to be loved… Funny how people get those confused. Too many, indeed hehe

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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