12/28 Fortune Friday

“Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift which is why they call it the Present!” ~Master Oogway

Fortune Friday

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Master Oogway, the wise old turtle from Kung Fu Panda has many wise phrases through out the movie. One should cherish the time they have and make it have meaning. Sometimes, it is difficult to derive pleasure from pain but reframing yourself will improve your health and possibly save your life. You are not alone and there are plenty of supports out there.

I thank my family for giving me the opportunity to all get together to celebrate the holidays. There were fantastic gifts that were exchanged but the best of all is the presence. Alright, I admit grandpa giving me an alternator as a gift was pretty awesome, and that meant I was able to keep the money that I worked extra time at work to afford myself the ability to get back on the road again. Speaking of which, we are returning home from Hudson Bay, SK today.


Now, as my extensive vocabulary goes, there are hundreds of thousands of words in the English Dictionary yet, many use the curse words quite frequently. Why shall that be? Studies show cussing has analgesic properties but to frequent cursers, they do not get as much effect as those who rarely curse. Ever had salespeople build that sense of trust with you and thought, is there a word that describes this phenomenon. Rapport is that sense of trust that representatives use to establish a sense of trust to build confidence that they are the ones to conduct business with. The group harmonizes well with feelings and ideas and communication is cohesive. Rapport is not a sales word per say, as it is more of leveraging our social tendencies and turns it into a tool. Sharing is caring and have plenty of

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