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Salica’s Saturday

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I am rolling! Like literally others would find it a challenge to type at this very moment. Let’s just say I am thoroughly happy while simultaneously being distracted. Plus look, I made a desktop/mobile background! Funny isn’t it? We just get back last night and well I kinda both freaked everyone else out but tuck away because lookie here I shall say I got to go be a runner for one Mole client! Ha! That pun was totally intentional. In fact, I dig it!

I am totally in my element here! I am going to actually roll more of these out. People love them, plus a bright way to have a little fun. Express that Mensa level creativity that I possess… Hehe possessed and continue to, just exploring more ways to think outside this box… Oh plus I maybe made my house surrounded in something… The narcisist in my life just left over our holiday. Today is the last day he is in my house and today is the last day I will see his stuff in my house. Today is the day ties are finally cut for good and we can start a new life without the narcissistic abuse.

What else, well the gas lighting continues, the EX we crossed out here finally we are going to have a wicked good riddance party! Several ties…. Sever all ties! Yeses!!!! He was always mean, and he chiseled my mom down to basically nothing, I had a phase with some Shadow but now we are different people and done with toxic people chiseling away our dignity until we are just as degraded as they are. My splitting became worse and mom admitted she developed a form of Stockholm Syndrome. She derived sorts of pleasures from the crass behaviors towards her. We were both solacing coping mechanisms and alternate realities. I was really not so present in the most positive way either. He was always mean, say at about half way through, the rose colored glasses were gone and was especially mean right up to the last day, but I don’t care if the door hits him on the way out. The discarding was mutual.

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☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

🔥➕This article may be disturbing to some readers, so as always… Read at your own risk.➕🔥

I still have it you know. Oh and before you ask well huh knife fetish… Wanna know? Then be just as sickm and twisted as myself! Well if you got me there, was totally another conversation about road rage… Well, guys drives like idiots I wanna give the bird! Ya know but then my brother, also known as Mole says that people get ran off the road for getting flipped off! Well, bro that escalated quick.. Well, if I get suicidal again, being ran off the road in a beater is just a bad ass way to go. Lethal, and I cannot go about whatever it is in life people do that is valuable.

He also says how you really do not want to test the erratic behavior of other people! Oh you say, maybe you are right!? Funny you say that. I was just talking about arson the Mole Hole because the Big Mole went crazy over 3 water glasses and perhaps some missplaced chairs! Ha! Funny, I told him his mess is ficticious and that since I merely considered going there, cut out of plans! I do not want to allow him the leverage ether or being over our shoulder. Not really interested in it either and stop contacting Mole, he is driving. Plus if you are threatening things like selling it… Hmm the possibility of it going down has me rile up. Tough to sell things you do not have! I know, quick escalation. Head committee knows there’s more ways of handling it. Even if it is just to let go of the situation and not doing something that would land us all in the clank.

What did I say? I am starting to show sick twisted sides again… Especially this dealings with some other couple who are just as narcissistic as my mother’s EX. Well, it was 8 years they were together. Peaches and cream at first and we are just trying to make ends meet with everything and divorce of 20 years is hard on a person. You know but then you establish your boundaries, a basic rule of respect is to acknowledge they are there. Well, fortunately for the EX, and well maybe a silver lining here is Stockholm Syndrome, if you can call it that. Ooh shiny! Karma, did you turn my earrings into silver linings? You know we have silver you can get our drops by clicking here. Well going to the point of helping rebuild this environment. Say these must be new intentions. I am going to have to figure out this career stuff and how to fit this in with business. The narcissist wants in on life and it is none of his business to know. We are much better now, by the way and I am glad you got exactly what wanted.

Well the narcissist has a son, an ex, and this ex is now married. Here is a little context as to where he is going back to. Back to the city where he can sit back after work, drink, watch hockey and, sleep. They have the tenacity to harass and manipulate the whole situation. Needless to say they are all trespassed from our house. Let’s be real here they were really the type of people it take every fiber of you to not want to go right on over and turn their world upside down. Well he has it all figured out and he can go leave us for good and live with his son, right perfect. Everyone wins, let the trash take itself out.

It also put the narcissist in his place when mom said that he does not have the right to be here.💯.

The son has had issues with substance abuse for several years. This son has the brain capacity of a 10 year old despite being much older ans Several concussions later. Plus this kid is treated above all else, on top of everything he is the prize to behold. He was not to be trusted for all the run in with the law and simply getting away with morally questionable things. The narcissist puts his son in front of my mom during the relationship, and he has the audacity to scold for making a priority of my brother once. It was long awaited, and it should have been done much sooner, after the abuse up to and including choking Mole. He essentially tore my family apart and, the narcissist thinks it was what set him straight up to this day.

Well, must be so, but heh you know, I am not a doormat. I am not your next step, plus it is not my fault that I am making clear boundaries and enforcing them when I deem that your behaviour is inappropriate. Plus the others here woud know I do like to delegate my work. Perhaps that is my real role.

Plus sister Karma stole my kitty earring… It somehow fell out somewhere on the trip between Hudson Bay and North Battleford when it really dawned on me that it was gone. I liked the 925 sterling silver… Plus heh I got butthurt… Literally… Truck seats be rocks after sitting all day. Get moving my juices be pooling again. Speaking of Karma, she has really helped me out here too… Managed to get some Mole tasty treats a drink and a nice soak at a friend we like to call Zazz. Plus a hot tottie when I got there, I was not driving so I can go enjoy myself it was needed. We have another handyman just down the road. Let’s make this house nice and then well, move on. Let’s have…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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