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Someday has arrived. That person who drove me mad is finally gone. Though, through revelation and accepting the law of allowances, this discard stage was more of a liberation. I, for one no longer have to deal with this narcissist over my shoulder spouting off how inadequate we are. And chipping away at our boundaries and our essence until they were mere skeletons of their former selves. Well, he is inadequate as well, being that he is broke both morally as well as he has poor money management. My mother used to have more pride in things, now it is hard to see that she even cares at all. She keeps gaining, and with that, is using various coping mechanisms. She wound up with several ailments and as far as her mental health, back to square one. The abuse is over but yet she feels as though there is a dependency or desire and a sort of a twisted pleasure came from this abuse. She was in love and developed a guilt complex towards making this relationship work. However, it is as easy a task as trying to fill a bottomless bucket. She became spent in fulfilling his supply and often, it was never adequate. There was much more yet in reality he does not amount to much. If you wish to sit at home, drink and watch the hockey game or play music to a level that my bed is giving you a massage, okay go be someone else’s guest and get out of here. Well played, be the cause of my mother’s horrific flashbacks that bar her from actually get the rest she needs to handle her cold. They say always look for the silver lining. Well, silver is highly antimicrobial and can safely and effectively be used in combating infection. BeSafe!

I was parading around the fact that I still have around 💯 in fireworks. Well, I did not set pyro to them yet, eh let’s wait until a more fruitful time when all my people could make it. At any rate, the neighbors launched quite the show, oh and in more ways than one welcomed in 2019 with a bang. I was scaling from the pit of despair and only seeing the mundane in excitement to seeing the mundane as exciting again. Let me explain, well this flat affect has really taken away the zest I have had towards life. Well, life is optional and well while I am on this rock, I better rock out. Well, I am sure the neighbors are having a blast with the excessive fireworks display, I still give them 💯 for actually making it that we do not have to leave the comfort of our own home. Previous years were colder, so being it was about the melting point of ice, I say well played Canada, well played!💯

Anyways, when times drive you crazy, go make designs that literally drive others crazy. Ah! Infrastructure, like designing it is in my blood…. Oh wait… It is! Okay here is a shout out to my father again. You can go check out his engineering website by Clicking Here! He founded Pillar Systems and pioneered in several technologies. I tear him a new one and our relationship has a foundation over fault lines but somehow has managed to hold up despite everything else around me has gone to rubble.

Yet, okay I designed a junction on Freeways that resembles a brain. Look, my drawing is not perfect, and very lumpy looking but hey, it was freehand with no undo it is clear everything or deal with what you got. Would be handy for some of these junctions or simply having a stylus or other drawing tools. No matter, if I was to use AutoCAD or built this on Cities: Skylines, it would look much more like how the design would reflect real world application. Plus funding is a huge issue and there is a huge disconnect between our budget and what would really be needed to actually get these roads around here up to snuff. Yes, I am referring to the Yellowhead freeway project. Yellowhead Trail, an accurate title being it does resemble a trail… Can I say trails behind what others would find is a well designed project. They are going to put a billion dollars into turning it into a freeway, but as far as their plans go, a billion dollars is a far cry from actually reflecting the costs that this roadway needs. I think if they wanted a freeway that it should be decided long before they do anything about the design so that they can aquire sufficient right of way to build an expandable roadway instead of continuously haggle with property owners adjacent to it. If I was to agree on zoning or anything, it would be in infrastructure planning, so be it that we can use it to build stronger communities and make them cohesive rather than simply dividing them apart. As part of this project, you could turn all the remaining signalized intersections with right in right out junctions rather than simply closing them outright. These simple, cost effective and, compact junctions serve as a one way access to the roadway instead of simply creating more dead-ends from other avenues. Where the space and budget permits, one could use SPUI (single point urban interchange) on other roadways allowing for complete access. Stacks could also be used to create a freeflowing and compact and complete junctions. Stacks do tend to use a considerable amount of finances and resources to build as well as SPUI but will serve as compact and can handle the heavy volume of traffic this road experiences. I would actually put more effort in expanding out Yellowhead West of Edmonton (standstill) and expand the Henday (beltway) to actually handle the traffic that this road was designed to. The current situations have it backlog onto the system causing lots of delays and roads over capacity are simply accidents waiting to happen which flies in the face of road safety. In fact, often times you may hear me say that travelling these roads during certain hours is nothing short of a death trap and I am playing Roulette with my life each time I have to go on it. I wonder how many others think this way? Not a day passes that you do not hear about a horrible accident. Sure, being distracted behind the wheel does not help nor do conditions or anything else… But I would argue the biggest offender is road design and especially when road design under represents the traffic leading to crowding and, of course my biggest pet peeves: weaving and following too close. Weaving happens where exits and entries are close and do not serve well for busier times as there are far more chances of conflict and getting cut off or tailgate as there is simply not enough space to maneuver. Weaving, couple this with tailgating and the apparently lacking the courtesy of signalling or possibly being distracted are yes… Accidents just waiting to happen. As far as the Henday is concerned, they did that right being they have the right of way for further expansion, plus it being up to freeway standard, actually is the first in Alberta to have connected vehicle capabilities. These sensors in the road will eventually assist in self-driving technologies that will eventually remove human error from the road almost entirely. The vehicles on the road will simply communicate with the road as well as each other seamlessly shift paradigms on how we see driving which will pave the way for a safer and more efficient means of transportation for all.

Well, I did manage to get out of working today. No, I did not play hookie but we were short and the store manager asked if I wanted to cut my shift. Being it is New Years and I want to go meet up with family (effectively my in-laws) I just was honest and said that I wish to party. I worked New Years eve and while that sucked, someone has to and well it was me. Seemed like resolutioners are our crowd and it just makes me wonder what others would really be doing. I don’t care, just go home mull something and have…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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