1/4 Friday Friendzy

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Torbellino in Español means Whirlpool (or perhaps Whirlwind). The new year can seem like a frenzy of new revelations while you look back and wrap up past resolutions. I have been through an eventful year, as I was minimising the details that reduce my very own existence to a life sentence. I have plenty of good that will, inevitably replace the negativity of my experiences by putting a positive spin on it and wrap it in a silver lining. Seems a lot like I am describing the ball before it famously debuts a whole new year. New things tend to be shiny and have a fresh and new feeling. I am no longer with Valentus and I still have links on several with my share link. I do wish to go back and revise these descriptions to reflect my current ventures. It sucks to move on at times as there can be several things holding you back. I feel stuck as I move on forward, as if lagged. At times, it can feel quite delayed to get into the momentum of things. Some times it takes time to find your natural element and to feel natural again.

The month of January is a time in which you simultaneously reflect on yesteryear while setting sights on new goals. Janus, according to the ancient Romans is the god of beginnings, transitions, and serves as a gateway of duality and passage. As they say when one door closes, another opens — is especially the case at this time. In fact if it was to be anyone handling the doors, it would be the two-faced Janus, as it describes the very essence of this deity. Historically, if Rome’s gates were open, then it was a sign of conflict and war and, conversely the gates closing is to symbolize peace. Janus also personified the slippery slope between the primordial barbarians and modern civilization as a reflection of both ends of the spectrum are compared and contrasted.


See what I did here?

Friendzy Finale

Friday Friendzy

📍Sew What 🎀

Literally sew what? I used a location pin as it resembles those pins used as a temporary means to hold two or more pieces together. Seriously, needles are to sewing as a rod is to fishing… You kinda can’t do it if you don’t got what it takes. I was getting all caught up on how nice this weather was… 9°C… That has to be a new sort of record! I guess Mother Nature got the memo that I wanted good weather. Now it feels like spring, like seriously it isn’t freezing up in my region of Canada. We are having snowfall in the forecast as well as other precipitation. Who needs roads when your country is hockey central and you can strap on your skates and hit the skating rinks! Well, I was sewing my curtains for my Diamond Camper and I love the look in low light as it catches the remaining photons in a shimmering sparkle. Shine bright like a diamond and bright ideas never die and diamonds are forever.

Some may say glamping in the style in which others are also duplicating at a exponential rate. Alright, this is a fancy way of saying that glamping is trending now. Sew what? You going to be like everyone else, then you should make your stuff like everyone else. Well… People really the rest of the curtains are going to be sheer irridescent white. Okay, that person is me saying this but hey, I will picture more here as I get done. I will fit it in time with work – life – balance, well… Maybe we ought to put this one on the market.

Will keep posted on that.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

Frick…. Well the original idea for names… Well I added it in a line, here is a bit of a disclaimer as this may be graphic to some readers. Read at your own risk…

Some of you have fear of needles, well I would too if they were used syringes.. Like, seriously… I read up how there was a McDonalds in Regina, SK that had a pile of used syringes by the toilet. Now, this is both scary and well I think I am going to be sick and lose my lunch. Everyone should know that these are hazards and that having these where someone Okay, sewing needles still need to be handled with care as seriously, you will be stuck red-handed if you are not watching. Okay, a bit overkill here, but provided you don’t impale yourself, the biohazard risk here is nil compared to the very real risk of getting needle-struck with the needles of the medical variety. Okay, that was a very random tangent that made light of a serious topic.

There is a crisis that affects us all, whether directly or indirectly which is our sickcare system. Could it be possible that very system that is supposed to be the script also in a backward sense desire us to be sick so they could continue to profit off our sickness? You hear about pharma companies financing medical students education so that they would then be a representative of the trade label because the staggering education costs. Prescriptions are at at an all time high and only increasing in numbers. In fact, it is quite staggering on how many need multiple Rx a day in order to function and not set a torbellino off in their own bodies. Many will spiral out of homeostasis, and depending on what they cope with are unable to manage their condition without their regular dosage. I cannot imagine how many develop a habit out of those which bring about a sense of relief in their condition. Sensations which may be sickness to an outsider can be sheer pleasure for someone else. The world is subjective and reality acts as a collection of all of ours. Reality can be perceived with such diversity and is a topic that may be brought up on future blog post topics. Connect via media or in the comments and as always…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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