1/7 Monday Mood

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Monday Mood


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My tummy was a Whirlpool. Yesterday, I suddenly found myself fall in a sickly state. I could not eat anyways lest I get nauseated and suddenly rejecting this giving my esophagus an acidic bath of sweet lemon ginger tea. The color drained from my skin and I then started getting visual migraines. My trembling palor and faint stance concerned my team as well as a few customers. I listened and found myself waiting for my beloved to pick me up to take me to his place.

It was nice, I had a soothing bath while sucking on ginger hard candies. I quickly found myself winning over my bug and was able to hold down a meal. I can resume my activities as normal. Yay! I fought the bug and now, well there is something going around. The cases of reported influenza has flu through the roof. Well, you open the window I the winter and boom in flu Enza, letting cold, sick air in plus you are letting the heat out… Well, our heating bill I among the highest all year… Well, between christmas lights and needing to heat our homes, that can

I still have no reliable vehicle, so I am still relying on a few reliable people to be my chauffeur. At any rate, I have not been able to put my alternator in my vehicle and my mom strongly believes that a part of my independence was lost as my vehicle is tagged out. I have not been behind the wheel for a few weeks, and sometimes people are busy so I feel bad asking all the time asking for transportation. I do like the idea of connecting and having the increased contact, however.


We have been looking for new lock handle for our door. We have to also re key our house since our tenants has moved out and has kept one of the keys. We are concerned that he will make copies and grant unauthorized access to other people.

Well, who knew that door handles would be so expensive? Well, I get they add character and is one of the first details people notice, but seriously? I saw the price top $200 for a dumb door handle, something seems off with this. I feel like we need to update the system, and since we are changing out the lock system, it was a great opportunity to search for some bargains on door handles. You know I am feeling like a real adult here taking stock in curb appeal, (ours was outdated and we never liked the brass) mom painted it so we have left is a door handle that is painted black on a DIY black door. Time for an upgrade. Well, the blue numbers on the keypad is a nice shade of blue — which matched the frame, and is still … Black…well at least this is stainless steel and like a hundred bucks… I just hope they read my message specifically asking them to reverse the door handle as my door opens from the right and the hinges being on the left when you approach the door from the outside. Well it was over 50% off and well, pretty good deal for a smart lock will give a streamlined appearance. My mother took the advice from “Paint it Black” and saw the door and other things in the house and wanted them to turn black!

Our doors are always open. As you can probably imagine that our choice of door, and how it its dark appearance gives the look of it always being wide open. Well, it is not always true, and again maybe we are under the influence… Oh god Janus…. The tenant saw himself out. You know what they say, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, well be was through the door so fast it never made contact when it was slammed behind him. If people are going to walk away from your life, let them walk. My mother wanted the relationship between us to be OK. I just think she was manipulated to the point that she no longer takes pride in her activities and feels her purpose being reduced to nothing. Respect our house rules, and we will grant your access. We can change the locks, and you will be locked out of heaven.

Alas, our new lock and handle system. So smart, it connects to your smartphone!

Grand Opening

Glen, a good friend of ours is opening his very own restaurant called the Happy Viking. Since meeting him through Moe and Fuel for Hunger, Glen has the resources we can potentially use for continuing on our Fuel for Hunger. Alberta Health has contacted us and was investigating the case for the donated food, and says that we have to have Food Safe and a commercial kitchen. Perhaps Happy Viking would let us use their commercial mixer and $35 thousand dollars oven to bake our buns. Buns ladies are back, and helping feed more famished homeless people in our community. I am sure people in droves will appreciate our delicious herbed buns when they smell their return. Wish you all

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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