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Turn it up and tunein!

Experience zen with Jen…

Well, take your wildest fantasies and multiply 4NeonFun and what you shall see is the bigger picture. In this photo, I have used partial transparency with the multiply function to yield my emblem as watermark. Some may say that I shall perceive what few can as so few can see the details that I view as quite prominent, therefore, simple facts sometimes are often concepts others cannot fathom. Life is often a slippery slope, and it can often feel as though there are no means to scale it, but alluding to a game we once played “Ski on Neon” shall be the only course is to hit the slopes so whether you are on a green circles coasting in nice weather or the black diamonds in a blizzard. Each run is different with it own challenges and like life the more experience and confidence you have, your perception shall also change and what may be someone’s biggest fear may simply be a thrill to another.

Sharing is caring so if you are daring.

They may also say that there is no gain where there is no pain. This notion can be dangerous, especially if your body is trying to tell you something. Most likely, a shift away from your own homeostasis — the consistent natural order. Treading out of your comfort zone can bring you a wealth of new experiences, and perhaps reframe the scope of your comfort zone. Treading far from the natural homeostasis of your body can lead to many consequences, including death. A lot of times, your body is warning you that it needs something and it would be mental to overlook, so stay in your element and BeElemental! An angiostrom is our fancy way of saying these are minerals that are readily used, absorbed and assimilation of these nutrients by your body at the cellular level, or perhaps BioMinerals, if you will. If you are deficient in a mineral, which you likely are if you usually benefit from soaking in a magnesum bath. Simply add a dropper under your tongue and hold for a minute. Magnesium BeCalm is your angiotrom.

🔗Curtain Calls⚡

4NeonFun Curtains
Diamond the Glamper new curtains contrasts the old…

Livein hermet?

Express yourself, however that shall be. We were continuing on making some more for various projects. You may say I have become quite inspired and in that mindset that I wish to have these projects completed. Some days the head committee may notice that I have become quite restless in my actions. Well, you would be too if you stepped back and looked at it the way I would see it, which many simply cannot. Others like to project their feelings to a situation, and in many ways that reaction does not match the reality. The truth of the matter is that the diversity of vantage points are not conductive to a singular projection of reliable personification. It is impossible to know exactly how another would feel in a situation, you may have an idea if you know the person well or could understand patterns of normal human function, though you can make an accurate prediction, but never truly can comprehend exactly the extent of finer details or connections from their personal experiences.

Live It Up

We really like the place we are at, however it is coming to that time that we would like to live. We used to have a home so clean, it could qualify as showhome material. Clean and modern was the way it was, and as you can only imagine that with kids… Well I grew up in a super clean environment, up until my parents split up. Now well, we spited all that and became hoarders in contrast. Now well, one has to undo that in order to get this house back up to ShowHome quality. Others may chant “Jennavine Intervene!” Perhaps now shall be the time to bridge this gap in lifestyle to get this house up to its prime again then to move on and habitually find a happy equilibrium between compulsively tidy and laize faire sloppy. As you will, when there is this sort of call to action, as you may have your own variation of catalyst to insist an insatiable urge to complete a task and be restless until that task is completed. Putting yourself into high gear is a reasonable step towards achieving those things at the limits of our capacity, however steps must be taken to protect yourself from habitually allowing yourself to enter the flight or fight response and can be harmful to your overall health and creates stress disorders if used regularly for long durations.

Oh and by there are so many silver linings including to your health by cleaning up your act. We have soaps and solutions for that too! Though, if you may think silverware represented wealth, you are close… if you had the luxury of sucking on a silver spoon when you were small you were really blessed with good health. It is easy to construe healthy and conclusion say they are wealthy, though with these seemingly high costs of care that perhaps only those well off could afford, then perhaps we have created a system in which good health is a luxury reserved only to the very select few who could afford it. If indeed you believe that health should in fact be a basic human right, we must first create a system in which this view is represented. I do believe that healthy individuals will benefit the collective and therefore we must work together to uphold a means of care that is accessible by all. There are high upfront costs to investing in such a system but not doing so is costing so much more in the meantime with an increased number of individuals who are unable to contribute to their community in any meaningful way and lost potential and other long-term costs. This mere thought can feel like a tough pill to swallow, but solutions are easier to swallow than pills. Help out where you can by sharing the word and to shed light on all the other problems we face together and I wish to share a solution through community and connectivity. I wish you all to shine with me and wish you all..

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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