1/18 Fortune Friday

Fortune Friday

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So I hear it is going to warm up shortly. Brrr, living in Canada is sometimes just an overall cold place to live, well past the obvious freezing temperatures. Sometimes people are just not stereotypically nice Canadians, and so at times I think some of them are going to catch a cold from the ice inside their soul.

Work was a champ and you can only win at Winners. How about customer service to Donna who actually handled this particularly crass woman who likes to cause trouble in my store and bring about her vindictive friends. Anyways, the woman all snide looks around and darting avoiding Donna. Actually, looks in each direction at Tracey’s till and asked with a pout, is she around? And they have the nerve to return to our store to get a refund on something that was perfectly fine knowing there is a sort of a controlled avalance coming your way. The girls seemed shocked that Donna was in and put on the look of avoidance in intimidation.

Chronic case of grandiose self image and on pedistal while belittling all else. Tracey was ready to call Donna in spite, as well cleverly communicate all being consistent in behavior avoiding the normal kind small talk to avoid making the assertion that this behavior is acceptable. We are nice eh, and we have long fuses but cross us and we will personally break the fourth wall of mordor just for you. Sister, Karma where shall you be? Karma you got my back and justice albeit delayed shall be served. Mess with me you mess with Karma, mess with family and sisters unite…

Theme Thursday

Well, here I go again my mind is off again some place where I am currently physically present. Well, many you ask I was thinking once again process what I am going to name the sum photos. Thinking again as to what to name it this time and well Glastunes came up and then I searched up what it could mean well, I hit the snooze on the Thursday Theme thing soooo… Here you are, a new theme with some new effects integrated.

New effects you may say? Well I have been doing the poly-entendres for a while, as well as the links on photos, click the ✽Glastunes✽ at the bottom, but for some reason it is not actually not really showing the media. Well, why is it that a person wakes up and is in that theta stage is it when they are more creative? Why does this actually feel like i am but much less patient when it comes to expressing this level of thinking as if running alpha awareness and intent to the change in brainwaves to conduct an environment in which is conducting of such heightened levels of ideas both in intensity and diversity while thinking about other factors such as how much my joints even hurt and start making sounds that just brings yet another meaning to the crack of dawn. I always thought that was funny to me, and actually thinking and looking back to a time and place when I was having to go see my chiropractor a couple times a week. I was covered, mind you something people here really take for granted, well anyways I seem to have run out of the benefit of the Big Mole, and the lot of things now are on me. Well, okay… Specialists here are a different story than what is covered by Alberta Health, well it can be annoying, especially when medical resources in budget is underrepresented and you often times see Native Americans experiencing overdose … And for the most part have this type of well, as some would say phobia to the lot of the medical personel from past experiences, but I do have my resources. Also, I only have to see Dr. Mills monthly now for my muscular skeletal adjustments. Definitely feeling more aligned and in range of motion… Well my mind looks like it is racing… To nowhere. Places places anywhere thinking up about other ways to help along.

I have a fair amount of sleep rub in… I like the way it smells lavender mostly with other floral notes in a bath of magnesium in lavender water and feels like a smooth cream that does not feel oily after application. It works in quite nice and uses a unique delivery system that uses a serum like effect to penetrate the skin to effect its benefits on a mind to body level. BeElemental is the way to go and oh yeah sharing is caring and like I said before, there are more gift cards to hand out so if you are interested in trying it and sharing it with others, let me know! Lets get cracking, and my chiropractor said he approves my lotion and said that it helped alleviate some signs of my fibromyalgia and overall less tense. I keep impressing my chiropractor, actually and he was asking about how I use it and well I gave him more information and re-sent the gift card. Seriously, would help a lot of people from the range of clients and his medical knowledge, experience and authority. Rest assured actually have science backing all this up.

Well I maybe should not say that too soon, I thought the name fits but now I search up it is real place. Glastunes, 8230 Sulitjelma, Norway where I guess some magical daydream come true. Maybe I put enough thing here but my watermarks are relatively new, however the title of my theme is never directly on the finished product as this thumbnail presents. I superimposed it for visual effect and create a custom thumbnail to create visual effects. Think of a screen, if you will for my stories and made them the name of the zip / crx file you get. Multiplied this time by my emblem over a highly saturated in an almost cartoon like effect. Northern, frosted and, animated

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

Glastunes, 8230 Sulitjelma, Norway | ⬇Download Page⬇

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