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Songs 4 Salvation

Fuel For Hunger ·

Sunday Jan 20 – #8 of 18

What a beautiful day to be outside with our inner city friends. Sun was out and was warm. Lots of hungry peoples came to eat.
A Special shout out to Steven Spencer, the bands and everybody involved in “Songs For Salvation” for hosting a fundraiser event for us and our cause. It was an awesome evening of live music and great to see so many of our friends attend. Our team was proud to be on stage and say a few words and share a few stories after we were done downtown.

………. Today we served up…….

-185 bottles of water
-400 Candy & Chocolate bars
-95 cans soda pop
-20 Litres fruit cocktail
-100 cups of coffee
-100 cups of coffee mocha with marshmallows on top
– 75 cups of fresh Champagne juices
-Dog Food
-Cat Food
-472 Bowls of chili w/cheddar cheese & Bun
-453 Tuna, Chicken, Salami & PB&J sandwiches
-560 candy treat snack bags & Cookies

Thank you to the businesses & people and our whole team, that helped make this week happen…..
We were able to re-donate our left over lettuce to Sarah @ “Wild North Animal Rescue” for their rabbits & excess breads to the Bissell Center.

Donations can be dropped off every sunday morning @ The Wellington Community Hall, between 8 & 11:30 am.
e-transfers can be sent to….
Tax receipts can be issued for $25.00 or more donations



☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

Rocky Road

The last few days have been quite interesting. Just when I thought I was out of sorts, some close friends of mine recently told me that after nearly 15 years of living common law, they went separate ways. I am still in shock about it especially with the devilish details on how it was ended. Well, I was finally in the area and was going to give them their gift but I addressed the card to both of them… Then picked out things they wanted from my store and I would give them a selection of my products. Well, it was shocking news and it definitely hurt and in knowing he feels traded up by his former best friend. Now he has no choice but to move to Calgary to go live with his son as that is all he feels he has left. With an overdose of emotions, but happiness just was not in the cards for him yet looking at myself now happiness abundant…

Who is dealing these cards, anyway and what is the deal with giving good people rotten hands and aces to the noob who cheated the deck? I had been dealt rotten cards that were left discarded back in 2018. Finally a positive shuffle and well, this game of life is both more enjoyable now and well to me looking like it is worth it to play. Well, okay I left what comes out the rear behind me. Being it was just over two months since I served all ties and connections with my X. I feel my ‘soul eating curse’ slowly being lifted, and more so when he has finally moved out. It has been about a month since our roommate/mom’s partner has suddenly decided to leave with little more than a text message letting us know he is in the process of moving out and we were going to return the next day. My mother has lost sleep over it and became very sick, she has had flashbacks and having guilt that the fallout was on her. Meanwhile, I was over here jumping for joy; I love it when the trash takes itself out. You hnow and have a new uderstanding for good riddance when you have this overwhelming sense of joy and desire to DANCE! BOOT SCOOTIN BOOGIE type of dance. My wicked good ridDANCE party that planned about a year ago is now in fruition. 💯 dollars worth of fireworks and more on other things to really make it easy to party hard. He was abusive and tore what was left of my family. He etched and moulded my mother to someone with little percieved self worth and has even admitted that she gave herself Stockholm Syndrome. I was showing a growing level of concern and ready to refer her over to get help. It is one thing to experience helplessness and having no self esteem to where personal boundaries no longer exist and you are apathetic about life and no longer living with purpose but merely jaded with the idea that you are *sigh* existing for yourself but it is a whole other story when someone you care about is telling you that they feel this way. Well, mess with me and I will send my sister Karma, but message with my family or friends, then sisters unite.

Order Up!

I have made a large order on Sunday. Something about this is just so much fun, being it is in the name. 4NeonFun where bright ideas never die. I now have over 40 codes to give away. I am a distributor of health and naturally making others grow green with envy. I am essentially giving away free money with each gift card code being worth $25 USD. It is like getting fancy dinner and paying just the tip. You can access my store by clicking here. Plant yourself here 🌱 let’s grow together. We are noticing a change the skylines on our healthcare with more physicians recommending CBD oil than ever and the numbers are growing. Let me hemp you out and be on the green side of this. We are talking about a market that will grow to over half a billion dollars this year. Growing for good reasons like it being sustainable, safe, effective, natural, minimal to no side or average effects. Interested? Let me know and I will give you a free gift card code and will walk you through the process. Experience a healthier you and have plenty of…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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