1/31 Theme Thursday


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This theme of the week shall be a nod off to several concepts and ideas. You can click here to download this theme for free from ThemeBeta. ThemeBeta is a third party platform that allows users to create themes for either Microsoft or Google Chrome browsers. I have never once tried to make a Microsoft theme partially because the theme creator defaults over to Chrome as well as I know more users for Google Chrome, perhaps in the future. Between my two accounts, I have made a total of 54 themes for you to browse in style, simply search “4NeonFun” in Google Chrome custom search and you will get a compilation of all my published works.

When unicorns dance in the night they paint an animated show. Glitter and sparkle hints of darkle, they shine a light through the tunnels so we may have vision, still question all we know. Free flowing like water but like water has a ripple effect, and just like that have drown in its sheer glory.

Each of my themes are abstract, yet tell individual tales but all have unique origins. Hats off to the the novel “Glitz” by Elmore Leonard which tells a much darker plot which involves justice from one of the most heinous crimes one can imagine can happen to a vulnerable elderly person. As the plot thickens, a Puerto Rican hooker commits suicide and Investigator, Vincent has to uncover the details behind the tragic swan dive off of an Atlantic high-rise. Teddy, who has beef with the Miami cop wants to hurt him in the worst ways imaginable ultimately coercing him to investigate the suicide of to put it, “special friend” before the ultimately conspiring to commit homicide to this law enforcement officer for putting the perpetrator in custody. The A.C. dazzle is blinding to the magic men and well, Vincent is not one to simply forgive and forget and is not willing to die without a fight.

Where Neon shines there are no shadows, and that bright ideas shall never die. I shall not become jaded and wither away simply to fill another’s bottomless bucket. It is not my mountain to die on, and to me not worthy to save the toxic relationship. No longer do I have to paint a hollow and withdrawn and introverted version of myself. Imposters became canon and the outgoing version of myself with a zest of life which that attracts others to me has become lost within the mental gymnastics. It was not my role and in every sense go bug someone else.

Also, creating an alternative story and projecting it as fact is about as elementary as it gets and solidifies synaptic pruning him from my life. If I was to believe a grown man would go around telling his circle that I got back with him and that he has left his prehistoric creepy crawly apartment to be with me is nothing short of insanity. I have never talked to him since my Grandmother’s birthday in November. I have more respect for myself than to be his personal bomb diffuser, and suggesting it is wise to say otherwise is degrading and quite frankly a cocktail of self-harm and lunacy. I have built my story where my reality is so desirable that aledged grown men could only dream of. Denial, funny as is only two misplaced characters away from spelling his name is living a lie.

I gave myself vertigo from this tangled mindset and cognitive rehabilitation was desperately needed and finally after breaking free did I feel that I was allowed to take care of myself before I was allowed to heal from the curse that was slowly but steadily feasting on my essence. I was haunted and I was nothing more than chicken soup for the malicious soul. Roles changed as the relationship stages continuously twists until I could not feel like my health could not get any worse until surprisingly enough, it can. I felt consumed and naturally, I was out of character as somehow the script morphed into delusion allowing the souleater curse to gorge on what is left. “You’re going to catch a cold from the ice inside your soul,” Christina Perry could not have asked it better: “who do you think you are?”

“I won’t hate myself to be loved by you.” ~Hedley

Website Wednesday

Rise coffee has a new look. Opted for the single sticks over the resealable pouches, not sure why but the fact they looked like mini baggies for cannabis that you could seal for freshness should you desire a partial portion really appealed to me. At any rate, it is still the same serving size and the same formula of only 2 ingredients: Arabica instant microground premium organic Brazillian coffee and CBD rich nanoemulsified hemp extra. The loyalty perks are quite awesome.

More Updates

I updated some broken links on my site. You can click here to visit 4NeonFun!

Updated photos for the updated packaging for the single serve RISE sticks.

New SkinCare line added to Beauty Bar!

Disclaimer: I am only one person and the beta layout provided may appear different depending on the device. The xyz domain was intended and does not indicate an unsafe site. SSL is a secure site licence that uses industry standard encryption for user security. Products are safe when used as directed, please be aware of potential allergens or sensitivities. This information is not intended to replace medical advice from your practicioner and you should always consult your care provider before modifying your lifestyle.


Anyways, you order 100 PV in a monthly autoship, you get $300 in gift cards FREE! Bless your friends with the gift of health. It is such a steal, that when I order the $300 BYO Core Value, they instantly give you another $350 in gift cards. That is wicked math, I got 60 servings of RISE, 4 bottles of 4Paws and 2bottles of 500mg CBD oil and a whopping 22 gift cards. Want one? I have over 50 gift cards and I would love to bless you with good health at a deal that is too good to pass up. Want one? Please contact me or comment so I can walk you through so you may have plenty of

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

Glitz - Google Chrome Theme
Glitz – Google Chrome Theme

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