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The Pope may go vegan for Lent. Say what now? You heard that right, ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls. You heard that clearly, there is news going around to suggest that this may in fact be a case for a charity for a million dollars. The Pope shall give up a million to abandon animal products for a whole 6 weeks. Alright, you can watch the news is from Plant Based News on YouTube. They have a link on the video to sign the petition, so on and is rapidly gaining support.


Why even as someone who is not particularly part of any particular religion, supports some traditions as as good teachers to strong personal development. Now, as most of you may know Lent is a period in which you give up something for the 6 weeks between Ash Wednesday leading up to Easter. Lent teaches us to make personal sacrifice let’s just say it is a way of saying lower everyone’s narcistic tendency. You may decide within yourself or have or others suggest you to refrain something that you may be obsessed over or simply overindulging in. You can take the steps to then pledge to give up something for the 40 days (about six weeks) until Easter officially marks Spring. After that, spring marks the fresh growth from sticking with the personal conviction.

I used to be pesco-vegetarian or simply pescetarian before I have gone vegan 3 years ago. I actually thought it would be challenging and a personal sacrifice to embrace veganism during this Lent period. I have watched several documentaries on the different sides to veganism and was shocked to say the least, just how destructive animal agriculture was. I decided to give up the ghost and embrace veganism during this time. I stuck with it as I realized just how ubiquitous these ingredients are that checking labels when choosing foods and working with mobile phone apps like HappyCow and cronometer to make the process easier. I really liked how I felt during Lent (even though I realized I was addicted to dairy and I found myself craving it often) that I started veganizing recipes. Actually, as far as habits went, this one was not as overly hard as people make it out to be. Veganism to some issues seen as an extreme, and perhaps there are a few very passionate vegans who share the views that you do not wish to associate with. Live and let live you shall say, but have you really talked the talk and walk the walk? Veganism is perhaps one of the most compassionate movement one can take towards the environment, the animals, and surprisingly still, the jump to me is like a step whereas others viewed it as a colossal leap. I actually felt better overall and I felt a positive change faster the initial getting used to phase, i was willing to give up the animal products long term. Let’s just say my family members thought I was going to die of some deficiency so I had to take it to myself to convince my parents that I am going to be okay while remaining vegan.


Well, I have known for long time from science class about different trophic levels with a maximum efficiency transfer of 10%. Meaning, that each animal to feed on each level of a chain, you lose about 90-96% of the calories to metabolic actions, excreting waste and, simply live out life. I felt for animals and connected with them, and I simply never liked the whole process of breeding animals who are sentient and marking a predetermined date at some slaughterhouse. I grew to feel for each time I had something with those particular ingredients. In a word, it made me feel haunted and escalated to the point where I hardly even considered these ingredients even food. It was like how Dr. Melanie Joy of Beyond Carnism explained it: It was no longer seen as food, it became simply disgusting to me. Nobody else saw it and I felt isolated in my belief. I have began cousins who are for religious reasons as they are Seven Day Adventists, but they had a rather narrow range of meal plans and family members often cheated on this restricted way of life.I saw it as being at a crossroad with my values and personal beliefs to my actions.

I only grew more convinced and funny enough, there are several points from the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine pointing out the benefits of a whole food plant based lifestyle and funny enough, it is actually recently been emphasized in the most latest draft of the Canadian Food Guide on the Government website. It would be cool from a environmental, ethical and healthful standpoint to ask the Pope to go vegan for lent and for yourself to embrace a whole foods plant based vegan lifestyle and challenge yourself. Live according to the golden rule and treat others the way you would like to be treated. If you dream you can achieve and funny enough it came true. In my case almost perfectly, I knew I was on to something and it just took time for reality to catch up.

Health is Your Greatest Wealth

…and Insurance

Shall I start giving away my Gift Cards on each day of Lent?

Want to RISE every day?

I said years ago that once they listen to the what is proven by science instead of simply the conflicts of interests made by greedy large scale corporations merely looking to line their pockets, we just might get somewhere. Companies sure make a lot of money from the sick, and not so much when we are well or after we have well to me it is a phychotic way of exploiting the vunerable to better a bottom line. Look, the rich get richer and the sick get sicker. What if I told you that you can not only prevent our top killers but also reverse many of these diseases? Well, technically it was words from the Physicians Commitee for Responsible Medicine that made the bold claim, and they have overwhelming results in their practice that provide overwhelming evidence towards meaningful results.

The world has enough to feed our need but never the greed. These changes are essentially dreams come true, and indeed now it is certain that I can stand tall on the shoulders of giants when it comes to embracing a particular way of life. Actually unlike some people, I applauded the changes to the Canadian guide as it is now a tool that now can be used to support my own habits I had for years. Simply put, you leave the confusing recommendations about food groups and portion size at the door and simply eat an abundance and variety of whole, unprocessed (or minimally processed) foods. I see that Canada has even made a point that basing your lifestyle around mainstays such as whole grains, fresh, frozen or even canned produce, making water your drink of choice and enjoy plenty of home cooked legumes as an environmentally and budget friendly approach. We currently grow enough food to feed the world in abundance yet, somehow when it comes to simply how inefficient animal agriculture really is. If people actually follow these guidelines, will see improvement to overall health as they unprocess their lives while creating healthy habits. You can interpret different foods to include a variety of different cultures, and gives pointers to be mindful of eating patterns and marketing, this opening up conversation that allows a diverse interpretation on food, rather than simply forcing one view down your throat.

Funny enough, as others say it is part of their agenda for destabilizing the population and making us weak, infertile and leads to a higher increase in infant mortality. Past guides were built in scarcity and emphasized high caloric foods and organ meats, ones that are replaced with legumes and nuts and meat, dairy & eggs no longer get their own food group but are simply classified as a source of protein. Half your foods from a rainbow of fruits and veg, and an equal split of each protein and whole grains (complex carbs). I see positive occuring from these new guidelines and where certain trolls whom call veganism a death cult, I would like to say that is rather short sighted and paradoxically describes carnism.

Claims such as these are simply spreading misinformation about veganism and is simply not true, and in the extreme cases, it was more likely other possible poor life choices, poor genetics and financial restrictions as well as several other factors which prevent the best possible care & results. Child neglect and abuse, infertility and other issues that may lead to weakness occur regardless of the consumption of animal based foods, and rest assured you can get everything the body requires on a varied whole food plant based lifestyle; deficiencies happenes regardless of meat and dairy & egg intake and being that they are inflammatory, can be hard to digest, and can be particularly high in cholesterol and saturated fats, have large environmental impact, and simply not the kindest way of treating animals. There is no need to keep restricting your portions and variety on a whole foods plant based lifestyle, just eat slower and keep hydrated and ensure you eat a variety of foods including fermented foods (probiotics & prebiotics) you will feel full and you will see yourself feeling better than ever while you practice the fundamentals of allowing others to live and let live.

Play it Safe • Disclaimer

Please ensure that you are also taking care of your health and please consult your healthcare provider before making any changes to your lifestyle so that you are sure about proceeding in a safe and healthy matter. This article was intended for informative purposes and do not replace actual medical advice.

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