2/12 Testament Tuesday

Testament Tuesday

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Hello everyone😊 I made this post to announce that my last Theme Thursday post has been my 100th post. Isn’t that exciting? I want to keep handing out Gift Cards for free so make your free HBNaturals account and I will be notified which Email to send you your very own code worth $25USD. Well, I think it is very exciting that I have made 💯 posts and why it is important to keep track of your story and celebrate your milestones. Some choose to share with others publicly while others choose to keep their lives more private. Some choose what they share very carefully in order to project a version of themselves in which is completely fictional to the outside world.

Sharing your story is a wonderful way to connect with others who may also be sharing your experience. You may even inspire others to follow in your footsteps, therefore influencing others to emulate your activity. Actions can have a positive or negative influence on others. How we behave when confronted says key facts for others when determinining how these behaviors shall influence others as each person has a unique response. My head committee plans on keeping it real and bless others with the gift of health. Click here for your free membership and receive your gift card!

➕For Health Sake➕

I started noticing further changes in someone I have followed for a while and share deep concern for her own life. The young lady who is now in her mid-20’s appears to be wasting away for a number of years. Now, it is unclear at this point if she is actually working with her doctor, as she says in a tweet yet has completely dismissed confirmation in past vlogs. She posts her Kingdom Hearts outfit video on YouTube and it was made clear that she was not wearing tights in her video never mentioned that she is actively seeking medical attention. Her legs outline her skeleton, frail and darkened red in appearance. Eugenia’s outwardly emaciated appearance appears to be making a living feeding off attention as little by the means of nutrition which contrasts her happy go-lucky way she conducts herself. Her heart visibly beats beneath her frame, shares a much different story. She needs rehabilitation, stat as her body is simply unable to proceed without proper medical supervision. As it stands, she is documenting her own death, and there is not much time left before her story ends. 💔 Her physician is an important step in providing the gateway towards building a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals. Anyone can clearly see her state is dire, yet so few are capable of address her main problem, which has deep psychological ties. The way she presents herself raises concern as it is contrasts in a very stricking attitude and shows someone in dire need yet a stark resistance to discuss or outright refusal to seek help. Granted, she is entitled to making her own decisions and have a right to privacy. Anyone can suggest solutions, but it is futile when there is no compliance. As the saying goes: “You can lead a horse towards water, but you cannot force him to drink.


One can suddenly see a sharp decrease in their quality of life, while others are simply blind. Delirium is the shroud that hinders its victim the ability to actualize their internal truth. Disconnect is the apathetic blindfold that binds its victim hostage to their own recovery. Building and maintaining close interpersonal relationships helps to liberate an individual from the shackles of isolation. Misery does love company, but it in itself is not a reason to be miserable. Connection changes paradigms. Environments foster and breed feelings, your surroundings have the potential to affect you as you have the potential to affect your surroundings.

👉Driven Cray📍

heading to work as per my new usual. My lovely was taking me and we stop at a light, just waiting for a suitable gap to turn left. Road was solid ice, may as well put ice skates on and switch to glide… Well, it was not a day to be showing off your self, because you are going to get someone killed. At any rate, a navy purple Jeep pulled up right behind us, like riding the tailgate.. Already not a very smart move in these conditions. We moved ahead clearing the intersection and he essentially pins it right on our tail. We were riding in a ’92 Toyota Corolla driving cautiousy as one should in these conditions and he was essentially driving like a maniac. Next thing I know he loses control and fishtails and swings perpendicular nearly hitting us. Like when I mean near I mean inches (several centimeters) away, and managed to block both lanes, but you know all to make a pesky light. The vehicle ahead of us had to slow for another light ahead which made our situation that much more nervewracking. I was sure my heart was going at 160+ BPM.. I could feel it pounding inside of my frame…. yep.. You could say I was a bit “triggered” given the recent event. Look, we waited a full light cycle with the usual frustration of waiting for our turn to proceed in addition to having another impatient driver riding so close. We did everything we could to be safe when it is others especially narcissistic drivers. Hello, the light was changing yellow for you that means slow down, not rip through the intersection and risk the safety of everyone else. Back off. We were nearly in a multi vehicle pileup because of some yahoo driver in some emergency trip to Peavey Mart (appeared to be where Jeep was headed). For real, far too much care is taken when it can easier still be compromised by the carelessness of others. Whoever you are that nearly hit us, you are known now as a road danger and I have indeed described your vehicle and advice to watch out for you as a danger. You do not simply follow too close, drive in ways that do not match the conditions, stunt or otherwise show off, obstruct traffic flow, etc. and, when all was said and done continue to follow so close on the road leading up to where we went. Learn a lesson, take a hint stay back and do not simply speed over these speed bumps in a slow zone. There are many intersections and many of which have pedestrian crossings. So, we were not driving as fast as you like, what exactly are you doing to do about it? Drive like a lunatic and lose control and continue to follow close when you know full well you would be at fault and charged for many things at that accident.


Hoping you safe travels and plenty of…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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