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March 20, 2019 marks the Spring Equinox.

What else occurred? You might ask….
Well depending on where you were you also had a…

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Today’s theme is a little special. In light of recent events. So you can visit the link here to visit the latest theme. In no way do the link text and title watermark show in the theme. To visit ThemeBeta and view this Theme and the rest of the Gallery, CLICK HERE.

So all you know I love Celestial events, including the sun. By winter, which is now generally less than a third is light and the sun goes down early. It stays down and we experience the least daylight hours when it begins to show more of itself in the days to come. By spring, the light beats the dark as now there are more daylight hours than night. So, I am here making use of the biases we all hold that hardwired us to see and perceive patterns. For a few years I was doing all that too well, as in obsessively watch the sun periodically throughout the days and observe the arcs and watch where it would land. Well, it also went hand in hand to my major depression and later this compulsion towards seasonal affect when I would make sense to go out and experience the sun rise light. Where I live, the summer has long hours where we exceed 2/3 of the time in the light, and the nights were never all that dark either, just stuck in the twilight zone with bright moon and stars to dark. I live for these times, and so I send myself into euphoria with the days I get to spend outside due to the warmth and the light.


Sometimes, it never really gets dark, but at times darkness is practically all there is…


Seasonal affect sucks. It really does. Firstly, your moods are screwed because of the deceased hours and intensities not suitable to produce enough Vitamin D. In my case it was a few factors here, mainly genetic & lifestyle related. I have Fibromyalgia, which messes up a lot of plans as with a variety of other things. I was fairly active, until the symptoms persisted past my ability to stay active. I needed rest, temperature therapy, various forms of physio, etc. I had to stop practically all of my training and quite frankly there was a laundry list of things with little avail as when other methods show surprising results. Plus going out of my comfort zone may result in another full blown attack yet if it was effective, then it seems a layer of the of the binds may loosen. As with qualifying for AISH, yet getting the steps feel like climbing a mountain. To others this may only seem like a couple of steps, that is a matter of perspective and those scales vary rapidly. We all need to provide ourselves a NOURISHING environment. Oh and I mention this because there is a delicate relationship between Calcium, Magnesium, & Vitamin D. Need a balance in em all and I was not balanced.

Either it was from not eating because my stomach was in knots and… the heck would I eat a whole lot let alone absorb properly when I am stressed/sick? Not really going outside because the cold makes me hurt some more. Being stressed hurts even more, I feel my tissues become tough you can feel your heart race, heart races and you try to slow it by breathing slow struggling to maintain pace, and keep from the ropes tightening themselves into knots and movements crunching as though breaking through sheets of ice. I suppose I am coming through the fog…. When times are stressful I get forgetful. It is groundbreaking, really.

Now there is some anxiety around where to progress from here. Hey, sometimes even that prospect eats me alive and keeps me up all night. Bear with me as I work myself through these struggles. Now I notice myself really only getting stress attacks when In the past MIND you, despite this winter being how it was and how I was MINDFUL about everything since mentally training myself and giving myself what I need to make that happen. Well here I found something nice so if you are interested…. Like if you enjoy the content. Follow if you want more and share your feedback in the comments!

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