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The Biosphere refers to the scope that is our global ecosystem. It encompasses all living here on Earth, a revolutionary sphere in the vacuum in which satisfies the constraints to life. Our environment is crucial to who we are, yet the majority take it for granted; it is easily to become divorced from the fundamental concept that they do not give credit to the scope that their own environments have on their lives. Humans have the unique ability to shape our environments to suit our needs which contrast all other forms. In order to thrive in an environment, one must have traits that provide a lifeline to allow for its continued existence. Most humans would simply be incapable of survival outside of the environments that we have fabricated for ourselves, and to those who could tend to have an altered sense of priority. Firstly, in our modern world, many of these basic needs are met and often overlooked in the process of meeting more complex needs.

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Looking from another perspective — as an outsider, if you will. From someone with a primordial sense of self, as one who has similar needs as yourself yet, uses a simple and direct approach to ensure these needs are being met. What separates humanity from the rest is our convoluted means of attaining our precieved needs and desires and the ability to adapt our environment to suit our needs is a definite testament to our near-divine abilities. Most have to forage for their next meal when we may simply select our location and create an infinite source of food by means of cultivation or even simply having another create it and arranging the trade. Hardly anything we do anymore shall be considered natural from an objective point of view, and even more shocking is how natural it may feel to have such a lifestyle. You may think that the mere idea of a bird in a supermarket is strange, and rightfully so, it is not in its environment but from a birds’ eye view, it may find it peculiar that there is an abundance of food in one location but is not immediately consumed by droves on the spot, instead occasionally selected and then notice them giving something in turn as they leave the scene. It may even be looked at as unusual or odd that humans engage in such activities and may even be the equivalent to hunting but rather than exerting the effort to source it themselves, it tends to be in constant supply regardless of the season. It suddenly becomes more complex when considering that it means going elsewhere to obtain the acceptable item in exchange for such a convenience. It no longer becomes survival of the fittest when the concept of the food chain becomes irrelevant. Funny enough, some people use the food chain to justify certain behavior but if they actually emulated what they saw in the wild, it would often spell undesirable consequences.

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Humanity has yet to evolve from a sense of scarcity to a sense of abundance. Yes, while it is true that while resources are finite, we can indeed create infinite resources simply by extrapolation. We can scale up on things such as labor as long as there is a need for such a service. We can expand our knowledge and skill sets while creating the infrastructure needed in order to sustain itself. Jobs, for one only have a precieved limitations because it takes another to provide, to their merit may not always be possible to continue expanding as demands do not justify it. However, it is difficult albeit still possible to continue to thrive in a recession. It takes an outstanding amount of resourcefulness and risk to transform a place that was initially uninhabitable, but to those who succeeded attest it was well worth the effort. Complacency and habitual sense of helplessness are among our largest barriers to achieving what was merely an abstract fantasy.

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I have not been on here a while, but I had been juggling a lot as of late. I am currently applying for Customer Service Coordinator (CSC) at my store. I have worked part time at this location for ~4.5 years and a supervisor role has opened up. I have stepped up to inquire about it and I have to update my résumé which I found peculiar for applying internally, but needless to say, I have some updating to do. I have to include the administrative work experience from Pillar Systems to strengthen my application. Indeed, you have to accept more responsibility to achieve excellence but is well worth taking the steps. I have a new outlook on life, rather than simply killing time while it simultaneously kills you, I am going to resuscitate my purpose. Sew what, I just payed this months rent in reupholstering a motorhome, sew what, I have many skills and I’m diversifying myself.

The family business has definitely caused me to reevauate my self-worth as I have recently received a 💯% pay rise after making the case that my education and availability are indeed valuable. Since the work there is contract based, it is not steady, but being that he accepted my rate, it is still not reason to abandon my steady min wage position. It is still mind boggling that such a raise was indeed my reality. Let’s go back to the fact that yes, while corruption and unfair advantages exist, our non stingy business model is certain to attract a lot more based off the fact that it does seem rare that a virtuous place exists and people like to support the underdog. I am creating a group called Engineers Against SNC Lavallin which basically unites those opposed to the acceptance of their corrupt business as usual methods. Far too many are complacent in toxic environments and more should be said about their less than ethical methods. Let’s build a better System, one Pillar at a time!

I am also planning for my big day — our wedding, on the longest day of the year, 2020! It has certainly caused a lot of internalized conflict between me, myself and I. Firstly, I was set that I was not going to be tied to expensive parties to celebrate a relationship with 70% divorce rate according to statistics, and knowing how painful it was to experience your parents going through years of lawyers and literal fights and never wanting to repeat that same PTSD inducing experience.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun

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