5/19 Sum Sunday

➕Sum Sunday➕

Feat. KendallVille! Okay, it hasn’t really been all that productive today but in my defense it is Sunday and I was enjoying my day of rest. I needed it, felt like a zombie… Took everything fairly easy today. I am enjoying my day in which I have nothing to do as a prize. Reflecting on the week, I am both simultaneously nervous and excited for the next few days.

My most recent pondering is who is going to be our store’s Customer Service Coordinator (CSC), though I will know when everyone else will. Normally I could not care less, however this time I stepped further and applied for it. I didn’t cower in a corner and allow my anxiety to dictate, though sometimes I wished I was able to work it out sooner than later, as some of these questions did incite a change in frame of mind to take action in scenarios; it was bittersweet. I was able to answer more of them in an open ended way and communicate with the team in these settings. I had to get my boss to reframe a few question in because the way it was worded was interpreted in a way that seemed like I could not clearly answer as some may address other interactions and ensuring that a big one is safety. I could have included that in one of those things, but I mostly established core values and communication in my whole customer service team. (I was not sure how, but I want to lead by example and have frequent communication maybe everyone to build towards something? I have many things, I am not able to discuss many of them in great detail as it is already taking up a lot of the time already, the questions became less precise to the position you wanted, your credentials, and more repetitive scenarios that went controversial.) Actually, yes she did start discussing politically charged questions, and essentially reprimanding me for previous events that I had thought was water under the bridge. I did not feel comfortable about have her lose her cool and start accusing me of so many things that are both against workplace policy and the law to do. I simply responded, “While I agree that what our current Premier wants to do is a blatent sign of discrimination based off ageism, and is a human rights issue that I take seriously, however, I do not feel comfortable about discussing politics further at this time.”

She was stunned. I wondered if that was because I refused to continue with her berating me for implied ignorance. I am aware and I think what he is doing is wrong. I feel uncomfortable for the way I partly was nervous and I stuttered a little but I explained how personal development towards actually taking a leadership role in the company. After which turned haywire, I really should not go into much specifics, but I had some accusations thrown my way. Basically, I had made a post about how the company I was working at does not do me justice and they do not realize my worth, I shall go if I did, but I am dropping that for now so I could apply myself here, I want to lead. I want to be able to show that I want to take more responsibility to realize this value. Not only was she using the grapevine to throw shade my way. I shown my discomfort through that. I could no longer answer questions and it became quite detailed as to what is expected. I am certain they have a sort of orientation, I figure out who is in charge and that I report to ——— ASM. I didn’t really want the interview to drag on further, it was going on nearly an hour and I was already cutting into others time too…. I made that clear which I directed her to look at my admin credentials to focus on my candidacy for the position. I know they have a strong preference for that, why I didn’t work for the town anymore because it was a practicum for graduation and while I was a great fit for the Town because I have shown my duties both from the résumé & me explaining that they would have me work for the town but there are currently no jobs open for the Town.

Okay, teach me. Plus I am at the cash a lot. I am doing well. 2nd most surveys in the area…. Okay pretty good chance I was the reason for I mention it constantly and there was a spike in entries since starting at there again. I get customers engaged. I want it to be enjoyable, and I had emphasis on that.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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