5/22 Wellness Wednesday

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➕Wellness Wednesday➕

Know your worth. If you find yourself in a situation in which has you questioning your value, understand that you are not alone. The instance in which individuals experience difficulty in defining their rate is only expected as we all live in a society in which our value is externally defined. It may even seem as daunting as a task to define your rate as it is typical in which others determine your rate based off a list of criteria. It may be difficult for those who are for example, younger as they may feel that others undermine their amount of experience or even more concerning still, their age as others refer to a particular individual as young and naïve despite being ambitious and potentially having education to deduce otherwise. Know your rights and act accordingly, it may be challenging to stick with your guns but eventually others will take notice and inevitably, no matter the pace, changes shall be made. I refuse to be considered as insane, as the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I want to be something, to better myself. I want to become the best version of myself, so in order to do that, I must apply myself. For nothing is ever achieved by doing nothing, doing something will net something even if it may seem insignificant, something is infinitely more than nothing. Relish in that, going beyond your zone of comfort to achieve more and to achieve more, you must apply yourself.

I was consistently found short-changing myself. I was even considered a liability to myself, and it took me to some very dark and concerning places. I simply was here because two people decided it would be great to continue the species, but from an evolutionary perspective, how is it beneficial that I want to end me? Well, it would be a compelling notion to bring life into this world to continue the species, to find value because you managed to have beings with similar DNA sequences to act as your replacement. How many couples find it that their offspring may be suffering unbeknowst to them? Or perhaps it was, and maliciously used to flee-train a person, such that the individual is unable to actualize their potential because a glass ceiling exists, but rendered helpless despite there no longer is a glass ceiling. Taken, they were formed by years of phycological abuse and the expectency that others determine your worth bTake pride in your achievements. Make it a habit to override the negativity bias in your life, meaning to be aware of your shortcomings and how much you were short, own it — work towards minimizing the impact that these events have while working towards maximizing the euphoria experienced when you met or exceeded standards. Your conscious mind is prime real estate — would you rather have monuments or ruins occupy that space? Work towards placing your premier achievements front and center while relegating the less valued elsewhere. Know its value and hold your standards of high importance. If you profess something as important, and are consistent in the act, others will begin to view it as important, and may even aide you in the process while it gains momentum.

Next off is identifying where others may be experiencing insecurities. Visible cues in addition to changes in voice or acting defensive or even combative may be signs that a person is uncomfortable in a situation. If you can relate, find ways of conveying this and work towards a similar goal. People may even act as detonated explosives, waiting to go off, perhaps it could be you… When you realize that you are no longer mindful as emotion — rather than logic conducts next course of action. Understand what sets off your fuse, and safeguard it for nothing constructive shall ever come of nondiscriminatory destruction. Sure, how you frame destruction shall be a subjective and stranger still, therapeutic as one shall bulldoze a pivital landmark in their lives — like their Machu Picchu in favor of a flashy way to fly through life to only realize when it is too late, that it was a defining moment of their times.

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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