6/1 Salica’s Saturday

Salica’s Saturday

Well this is backfiring big time; but some busybody appears to have it out for me. They basically told us the other day at work some posts on FB are appearing to be of a threatening or conveyed in a disrespecting matter. I had no idea there were people out there who is perhaps in my friends list or have seen it that have a tendency to follow through and report anything that might appear to be threatening. It goes both ways, and now I sense that I may now be a victim of sabotage because somehow I was made out to be breaking company policy for social media use. I have redacted whatever posts I can find, immediately that may have an overwhelmingly negative tone, be that I satisfy their demands. However, I find it quite interesting is it possible that this company values appearances regardless on whether it is based in fact or fantasy, from someone who was connected there for a few years can say that it is most certainly trending this way.

Such environments are unsafe and they were made aware on my own disability yet leveraged it to sour a relationship that has once resonated and felt no need to source other avenues as we were once in a cohesive environment where we all had each others back. They have brought up another interesting point, mutual care & respect, as they have asserted that based on my conduct online, which again nothing is specified yet explains a scenario based on trust, that they are questioning their ability to trust me, the same can be said towards them. Yet, I am past the questioning phase, I don’t trust them and it makes me see red with each encounter. They would rather keep images than be real with the situations and work towards making it all better. Instead, everyone feels threatened…

I feel it was also their opportunity to add salt to my wounds by saying that I was not a suitable candidate for the position. They said violations of this nature could lead to termination and/or legal action, and they eventually asked what they think my disciplinary action shall be. I basically said while enduring another panic attack, “By all means, take whatever actions you see is fitting to this situation.” I knew they already had something arranged based on procedure, and just wish to spike my anxiety once more; it didn’t work, I was already starting to feel nauseous and clammy at this time, but I didn’t allow them the fullest amount of satisfaction to my guilt. They could have decided to terminate me. By all means, you said it yourself that a leader who isn’t observing the core values is not a leader that anyone is apt to respect or trust, but then again, the ones in charge somehow makes scene just how much people around here must struggle to keep morale when there are a multitude of ways that one may observe them that the next might not necessarily agree with. With all the behavior, information, emotional and, thought controls, surprisingly matches many tactics used by destructive groups to submit, it isn’t much discussed how much damage is caused, but being that I doubt anyone would want such a reputation so it is normally not something that is a comfortable topic to address so it is best kept quiet. For that anything said can be taken in any way that person intended and somehow you are responsible for how they feel, so naturally I cannot project my feelings onto another and guarentee on whether another shall interpret it the same way, but I still stand by my own opinions.

It leads to internalization and I am an active volcano, I hope that you as the reader are having an abundance of…

☕Cheers! ~4NeonFun


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